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Yo, a surprise hit! Very fun game and my favorite class is Barbarian. Thanks for this awesome gem!

I can't believe you made this game free this is absolutely fun! Thank you so much!

Beautiful and terrifying at the same time! Thank you for this! :)

HEY!!! This is one of the better typing games I've played in a long while!! Typing of the Dead on PC was my go-to but this one really takes the cake! I like it better than Epistory to be quite honest. ;) Hope your team is doing great and stay safe! ^_^

Thank you!!!

I've heard about it casually on Twitter and I just assumed it was like a pixel art creator for artists.. Nah, I'm dumb.. Saw it in my collection and had no idea it was like some virtual machine with homemade games! SO COOL! Thanks a lot!

Yooo! your game is absolute fire!!!! It's simple.. And simple goes a long way! I love the pixel art in this as well.. Very very good! Thanks again man. :)

Yooo! Haven't logged into my Itchio in a long time and saw this game.. It was strangely addicting blowing up cubes! Very surprise hit for me! Thanks!

Thank you for making this free it's so incredibly fun! ^_^

Do you know how to make this windowed? Thank you!

Can you add controller support please? And the directional keys be for the analog and d-pad? Thanks. BTW really fun game!

This game rocks. The graphics look perfect and subtle and the classic Doom gameplay is all here. Please turn this into a full-fledged game.

Oh, if you can have destructible enviornments that would be awesome.

Oh my god, an actual Battlefield game that can run on my computer?! Also love the low-poly style graphics! I hope you implement online play in the future. :D

This game is phenomenal! Finally a visual novel without the anime theme. Also love the cyberpunk feel to it. The music is great too. Keep up the good work.