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The character art was made by the team, but the backgrounds were premade assets. Yup, my team member/artist was MalgorzataMika. ^^

Thank you!

Thanks so much for your kind words! I really appreciate you taking the time to play the game ^^

As for the choices, I do plan for them to impact potential routes and endings in a full version, but unfortunately ran out of time for the jam. 

Here are some lists that are related to the theme! 

Suggested Watching: (Anime) Please check out any applicable warnings + ratings!

  • A good anime involving a near-death experience and the supernatural is Noragami. 
  • An anime involving a recently deceased human caught in a new world is Blood Lad
  • Death Parade involves tricky, emotional situations with the newly deceased.
  • Beautiful Bones -Sakurako's Investigation- involves the analysis of bone specimens. 

Suggested Play: (VNs/Dating Sims) [Mostly Mobile or from] Please check out any applicable warnings + ratings!

Quick note: I haven’t nearly played all of these, but these are games that fit the various themes of death, zombies, the supernatural, etc.

  • Death Becomes You (demo): (Free to Play; Desktop)  You find your best friend dead, and 4 suspicious students lingering around the scene. Who is the one that did it, and how come you never knew about their complicated history with your best friend? Who is lying about their intentions on that night?
  • Liar Liar: (Free to Play; Desktop) Help a middle school girl kill her boyfriend.
  • The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car: (Free to Play; Desktop) Driving away/through the zombie apocalypse.
  • 404:Shinigami: (Free to Play; Desktop) Due to a totally-accidental fatal injury, you are now on the verge of life or death.  The grim reaper arrives to off you, however... Can you convince him not to make you see the light just yet? Warning: This game includes comical mentions of death and dirty satire.
  • Love 365: 10 Days with My Devil: (Pay To Play)The sudden appearance of demons foretells the end of your life, but you’ve earned an extra 10 days on long as you spend every remaining minute with them!
  • Love 365: A world With(out) You:  (Pay To Play) The man you love has passed away, until one day he returns to you as a ghost. 
  • Genius Inc.: A Kiss From Death: (Pay to Play) Your life is peaceful until you’re in a mysterious accident that takes your sight. Thankfully, your father is a surgeon and operates a cornea transplant on you--giving you the ability to see once more. However, you now have the ability to see evil spirits. Running from one, you meet 3 strangers who claim to be grim reapers. 
  • Genius Inc.: In between Love and Death: (Pay To Play) Life has been unusually unfair to you, ever since childhood. After an unfortunate accident, you awake in a strange desolate place with an enigmatic grim reaper proposing a deal to fix a mistake. Or so he says...
  • Tilting Point: Dangerous Fellows: (Free to Play) A sudden outbreak has led to a zombie takeover. Survive the apocalypse with one of your saviors. 
  • StoryTacoInc.: Havenless: (Free to Play) Spring, a few months after a mysterious infection started spreading. I got infected, but still managed to keep my humanity. Even in this zombie situation, there is something I need to find. 
  • StoryTacoInc: Dangerous Shelter (Free to Play) 3rd interactive game in the Dangerous Fellows zombie universe. 10 years after the stories of Dangerous Fellows...the whole world has been completely destroyed by zombies. You end up in a Shelter, the only place where mankind can live safely… 
  •   HanabiMedia: Ghost Love Story: (Free to Play) Five years ago your friend and first love passed away in a tragic accident. Now 22, you have a new life but he returns as a ghost. Do you relive the past, or do you keep moving forward?

Feel free to add your own! (If it contains gore/NSFW materials please mark it accordingly! No images allowed, regardless of rating. )

There are multiple free-to-use sprites on my page in different styles, from medieval creatures (naga + saytr) to spooky spider-gals and neko wizards!

OBP Page

Example of spider gal facies: 

Thank you so much for your interest in the game! 

Oops! Thanks for bringing that to my attention; it'll definitely be fixed in the full version/next possible update. 

Hi! Ivan's Route was complete but we had to switch engines, unfortunately. However, his route is completely written, so all that remains is adding it into the new engine. 

Thanks for your interest in the game, it means a lot! :) 

I just uploaded a new Mac build that should hopefully work! 

Hi, and thanks for your interested in the game! 

So far the demo only goes that far--the first bite or prologue for each character.  Good news is the script is complete for two of the eight routes so it's just a matter of getting everything into the engine. 

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Hi, thanks for reaching out! Can you share your Mac specs with me? Mac did an update that broke OpenGL compatibility (Big Sur). That way I can edit some things that *should* make it compatible with your Mac again! ^-^ 

They look great! 

Hello! Thanks for reaching out! I'm glad you're interested in the game. In the next upload of the game I will make sure to disable the click-to-continue message carat if you find it distracting. 

These look amazing! I'm so happy you decided to make these, and I love the animations! 

I'll be watching your page to see if you decide to turn your other packs into backgrounds as well/what new assets you come up with!

These are amazing! Thanks for providing them for the community! <3

I really enjoyed this story! I think my favorite food illustration was the first one shown. Leon is my favorite; I'm curious about his backstory among other things...

Thanks for creating such a cute, fun game!

This was such a wonderful game! Everything detail was absolutely perfect, from the art, moving music, talented voices, and more. Thank you for creating this! 

This was such a wonderful story! Despite it not being completed I was easily drawn in by the character personalities as well as the audio and animations. 

Thanks for making it!

Hello! And yes, the game is still alive! lol Work is currently being done on the script/writing side of things. Once more things fall into place you can expect a future devlog!

I love this! This is such a good idea and help to the gamedev community, keep up the awesome work!

I really like the idea of zodiac-themed character sprites! I love the art and like the different options included/offered in the optional complete pack.

Looking forward to more! 

Hello and thanks for bringing this to my attention! It was most certainly a bug. Good news is that the game is being remade in a more stable game engine, which although means a release date further in the future, it also means the game will be more stable, less bugs, with even the possibility of a mobile port. 

Thank you for your interest in the game, it means a lot!! :) 


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Sorry if this question doesn't make sense or is obvious, but would it be alright to submit a complete, free-to-play game? 

There are some extra endings that Kickstarter Backers had paid for, so I'm not sure if that could/would have to be included or not, if it's okay at all. 

Does any length refer to completed games, or does this encompass demos too? 

Looks great! Nice having a castle BG added

I absolutely love the colors and vibrancy! 

She's adorable!

Aw, I'm so sorry to hear that! Perhaps the online version will work better than the download (as I've encountered some problems with downloads in the past). And thanks so much, Fungii did a marvelous job with the character art! <3

These look amazing!! Great job! (Totally saving them for later)

I love the idea of a tomboy type~!