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Someone's probably said this already, but moving into a wall while in checkmate shouldn't remove the "checkm@te" overlay once it's already come up

Game crashed when Beatrice used Flight? while having Haunted?. Very little details were given by the console. This might have to do with how Haunted? removes itself directly (see #1938) and how the game tried to add a status to the fighter Haunted? was being removed from simultaneously. See this this More Fluff issue for a possible fix.

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Masamune & Cheat Code starter for Robot BR switching to Murasame & Duplicate when The Robot activates is underpowered; getting any more than 8 damage out of a turn is very rare

Reverse Card pack is very, very awkward with snap, since snapping two reverse cards just means your next two actions are reversed, and unless you've got a Wrong Sword and a Wrong Axe next up, that's only going to screw you over. I'd recommend giving it a big rework in general - most other packs have benefits aside from just their inflict-status-do-damage synergy, and reverse card. (Yes, you can reverse a reverse card, but that requires using both reverse cards (without snapping) and then not being able to use Wrong Sword except to damage yourself. And inflicting the enemy with Reverse usually only does 6 damage at best.)

Sleight of Hand should cast forward since it steals money

Do you plan to make a version of this that's compatible with flexible generators?

Stink Bomb needs to be marked "cannotreuse", multiuse items do not play nicely with e.dicehistory at the moment

You might want to rename Channel Rage to something like Channel Rage@grabbag to avoid conflict with More Fluff's "Channel Rage" item

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Vertical flip/horizontal flip tools work wrong with the crusher tags. When vertically flipping, down tags and multidirectional tags are swapped, rather than down tags and up tags. When horizontally flipping, left tags and up tags are swapped, rather than left tags and right tags.

Horizontal flip tool doesn't swap down-left green transition tags and down-right green transition tags. Other transition tags, including down-left/down-right yellow tags, work fine.

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Glad I downloaded this, balance isn't the best but it's clear you put a love into this and the concept of non-Witch characters heavily utilizing mana intrigues me.

So far I've only played Warrior, but I think Gather Life and Powered Poisoner are pretty overpowered - life drain and poison are both very strong statuses, and to be able to drain 3 health (with any dice!) or inflict 3 poison for just 1 power is really strong. (Maybe that was your intention, though? Warrior usually feels like a power romp.)

Here's what my fight against Madison looked like on the final turn:

I also recommend you make it more clear what Funny Dungeons is about to anyone just scrolling by on the Dicey Dungeons mod page, perhaps something like "Every character gets new episodes heavily focused on a mana substitute"

One last thing: to fix the crashing on the end of the episode (I think), just create a text file named progresssettings.txt in funnydungeons\data\text\ , write "funnydungeons" in it, and save.

There's still some ways to go with this mod, but keep it up!

Probably the most robust game submitted to this jam. Puzzle design here is very good, as well.

It might be harder if non-Waldo sprites also have striped tops, but not red/white striped tops. Very neat for 560 characters, though!

y cant meat boy doble jump

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No, I get it. It's named "bowlinf" because you have to bowl, and it's infinite - meaning that you never win, even if you get a perfect strike. Or perhaps it's named so because you're bowling above an infinite pit. One way or another, this is truly one of the better works I have encountered this year.

...yeah jokes aside this is actually kind of cool.

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Yep. I'm talking about really generic things- not real people or cats, but things that would only ever make one sound.

Like, not just copying the sprites graphics/dialogue into another sprite. This would be useful if you have two or more objects that are supposed to be the same thing (like crates that say "bonk" when you walk into them).