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Pretty chill game, peaceful and good for relaxing, loved the playthrough and the graphics make the experience even better.

Also the score you get at the end of every level ads tons of replayability possibilities, along with some completionism, everything considered a great game to play and relax.

I dont have anything to add to this game, except some extra polishing and music or even some extra sound effects, perhaps a timer could be added but that could affect the normal chill experience the game adds on its own.

Interested to see how this may evolve.

Okay, so i finished the playthrough and first off, the story was just a 10/10 for me, the story made me feel horrible for making the bad choice, the gameplay was something i had never seen before, and the puzzle/combat mehanics were great.

If i were to add one thing, it would be a cooldown to the lightning spell, (or just the spells in general), since (and spoilers here), in the final fight after absorbing the urja, you could spam the tablet fast enough and the enemies couldnt even attack you, adding a 1-2 second timer could make it more intense and enjoyable (in my opinion ateast).

Lovely app

aaww man im so excited for the full game now

loved the concept, if i were to give suggestions the only one would be  about the running section (where the cave is collapsing) i got stuck in it because one of the pillars kept falling on my head and making me teleport through the floor

Very good game, will be waiting for the full release

9/10 near perfect, just a little adjustment on the controls and this would be a perfect puzzle game,

the music and the stile fit so well and the little story is very good, but the controls leave a bit to be desired

Hello!, just came back, thanks a lot for the help,

i was able to play the game (despite a bit of lag, again my pc bad)

and i ran into some problems, first of all, mr helping robot keep teleporting all over the place, (likely due to my poor pc) 

but the biggest problem i found was that i wasnt able to do the platforming section, (the tutorial that teaches how to use the robot)

After i aimed and sent him, he kept phasing through the platform and i wasnt able to pass through, (so i only played the start), i hope this can be fixed since i was so excited when i saw that i could play,

hoping for an update!


that goose is a secret agent of chaos

Love the pups and the style, yes

the game looks cool, but i cant load it for some reason... :(

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Oof, just by seing the silhouette i got creeped, and after reading the little story my tommy made the rumblies, i love the presentation and i think it couldnt be any better, love it!

edit: just finished the game and oooof, the end, it gave me the chills, perfect game.

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ok so a few sugestions:

- first of all the trailer was really well made and the game looks perfect sound effects also, but the voice explaining the game does somewhat break the experience, if you could i would reccomend improving it a bit, since (to me at least) it kinda sticks out and breaks the trailer, perhaps have it a bit lower? not sure yet (edit: add some echo)

-second: just my opinion but i think adding a bit of hype near the end (increasing over time could be even better) could make it a lot better and leave a stronger impact (just my opinion tough)

-third: just came back after downloading the game and a problem i found was that the starting cutscene (i guess it was  the starting cutscene)  started before the game loaded

-fourth and last: i wasnt able to play the game, since as soon as it started it crashed, most likely due to my pc being really bad, but an idea i would add to the game a way to reduce the graphics, (i dont know if this is hard or time consuming to do, if it is then no problem) since that isn't in the game (at least that i know)

i am really excited about the development of the game, gonna keep following and will add any extra suggestions.