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Once again RenderPi has blessed us with a fat juicy game! It was such an amazing experience, they have yet to disappoint me. I still feel like there is another ending that I am missing.. or maybe I am over thinking it. 10/10 would gym again 

How do people just accidently summon a demon? Like oh bro let me make this sandwhich OH NO I JUST SPAWNED A DEMON. Great game! I do wish it was a bit longer but after watching Lixian's video I totally get why he didn't. Cannot wait for more of your work to release! 

This is a great game! I swear fan games be the most enjoyable out there. Great work! 

I cannot believe how good this game is! It is so well done and a great callback to mario 64! I cannot wait for the full release of this! 

This game was beautifully done! It felt real and terrifying. Also can we stop exploring abandoned places alone? Pls lol

I'm not sure what the story was but I like to pretend that I was an exterminator killing the demons to get into heaven lol.

This game brought out a fear i had forgotten about. I watched a movie about someone living in the walls/attic of a house and it scarred me. Now I have the fear all over again. This game didn't need a jumpscare to terrify me. Amazing 👏

You ever want to go on a camping trip with the homies but then get attacked by a monster llama? Well this game is perfect for you. I love the transition from cute wholesome fun to terrifying. GREAT game devs! Cannot wait to see more from you! 

This was such a cute and wholesome game! I can't believe all we did was bake! Literally nothing else... but where does the meat come from? 

This was such a well done game! I loved it! My only complaint was why didn't chimpa just make themselves food if they were hungry. You're already at a diner LMFAO. Seriously though such a great game! I also didn't know there was a webseries, I have to check that out after! 

I love how in each game the devs make, its a new type of animal! It makes the characters feel original. This is also probably my favorite of their most recent games. Definitely worth playing! I am excited to see how the next game will be! 

My friendly neighborhood is such a fun game. I love that instead of just murdering the puppets you actually have to tie them up or else they just get back up. Survivor difficulty was a nice touch for a first playthrough and overall a fun time. I did get lost a few times and there is a lot of back and forth. I'm excited for the full release! 

Once again RenderPi made a banger game! This game was even goofier then 5 nights at shreks hotel. It was well done and really good looking honestly. Also, that secret ending is 10/10 

I went back to do more of the content in this game. There is so much to do and I cannot believe there is more coming out! I was able to escape the baby this time :)

I originally played the man in the window and loved it. I did feel short and a bit easy now looking back at it. Well, this game took to a whole new level. The difficulty was definitely ramped up. The normal mode is perfect because not only do you have to hide you also have to figure out what the people want to eat but also make it! So much going on and it felt like the perfect length. Great job! Overall a great game 

I finally got to play this gem for the first time and I can say without a doubt that it is both creepy and extremely goofy. It is well done and deserves more praise. Would play again (and I plan to) 

Such a fun and short game! Why are clowns so scary?... 

This was a great short horror game! If you don't look around you might not be able to find things that can help you hide from the man! Also, I feel like a sequel might be hinted to at the end 

This game was EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. It was goofy and well done! I have no idea how people get such fast times because I was out there struggling. My arms haven't been that sore since I hit puberty. 10/10 would twerk again. 

First I would love to say this was a gorgeous game! For it to be made in 24hrs is insane! It is short but overall its a 10/10 must play game. I wish it was longer.

This game was so much fun to play! It did get repetitive after 10 levels but each level felt different. I was also confused if getting a weapon counted as an item because I would get 1 burger and them boom level completed. Some levels were fast while others were long (for me). 9/10 would run away again! Monkey was fun addition too! 

The art style is 10/10 imo. Even though the game has been out for a while, it still feels unique. This was just chapter 1, I cannot wait to play the rest 

Of course! Keep up the great work <3 

This was such a great game and so much nostalgia hit me playing this. I remember watching other youtubers play it and I loved watching it, also huge slender man vibes. Overall great game! 

This game was well done and hilarious! I am ashamed to admit I laughed at a fart joke lol would def recommend it! 

I got my butt handed to me on the last level. I almost ragged quit but I fought the demon doll and won! The game was solid and actually peaked my interest! I cannot wait for chapter 2! 

I enjoyed this game so much! I can't wait to see where the developer takes this. I am hoping for more tapes, secret endings, and more lore! This was a solid 9/10 game!