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Sweet will do

Will I be able to buy the game on Itch when the game is finished I would like to support you and Itch.

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Holy crap! This is good the camera controls are amazing they track well and it doesn't feel like a mess(COUGH dark souls COUGH) the movement is very smooth very well done I feel like I have total control and that is amazing and there is only one guy working on this WTF is Triple A even doing when one guy can do more than an entire team. You have to make sure to put this game in as many platforms as possible people need to see this game I have never seen a game have this level of polish in it's gameplay since the PS2 era I want to see this succeed and grow because I want to see more from you.

The combat is also really good very smooth and interesting also very easy to die if you don't pay attention although increasing boss health and damage would be nice and reducing basic enemy health would be good it takes way too long and increasing their numbers could be an improvement although all I played was the demo so I don't know if it gets better later on

NOTE: as many platforms as possible but not Epic especially Epic not even if it not exclusive also it would be a pretty bad idea as all the games on their store are being pirated to hell.
EDIT: Reason for edit I may be stupid.

Figured it out was using wine mono not regular mono

If games could be crack this would be it I have never played a Minecraft-like game were I felt it was complete although I do recommend to simplify the controls and make the menus cleaner outside of that I am enjoying this game to it's fullest

Bought it! I wish I knew I could buy it on Humble Store all this waiting to get this game anyways I got it to run on Linux but server auth wasn't working if there is a fix for that please tell me. I have a dual boot so when stuff like this happens I can still play it but id rather play it on my Manjaro installation.


I will be getting money for this game next month does itch support prepaid cards?

never knew that crack could be a game cause looking at this game gave me a dopamine rush. sadly wont be able to buy games at least for a year.

Space Minecraft how I have looking for this for ages.

 Are there any indie developers taking advantage of the fact that big titles are placing themselves in a state of weakness and making alternatives to those game if so please tell me I would like to support you and your work if possible I don't want to support this type of behavior by buying games from people who would accept a bribe and then treat their customers like they are trash, but I also don't want to encourage piracy that is why I am here today to see if there is an alternative that would encourage a positive reaction.

I meant Epic Games Store that place is cancer right now the guy who runs it is also complete ass

I LOVE YOU, YOU GLORIOUS BASTARD! But seriously I am grateful for the existence of this game.

Hey I am having problem getting the Linux version of Eden to work with steam as a non steam game at the moment I am using my steam controller on desktop mode. Outside of that this game is awesome and I am sure this game will be the death of me both financially and physically. Also if somehow you get EGS to notice you please don't put it there I would appreciate that.

Can't wait to eventually toss my money at this

Man I wish I knew about a year ago so many games I could have supported.