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Figured it out was using wine mono not regular mono

If games could be crack this would be it I have never played a Minecraft-like game were I felt it was complete although I do recommend to simplify the controls and make the menus cleaner outside of that I am enjoying this game to it's fullest

Bought it! I wish I knew I could buy it on Humble Store all this waiting to get this game anyways I got it to run on Linux but server auth wasn't working if there is a fix for that please tell me. I have a dual boot so when stuff like this happens I can still play it but id rather play it on my Manjaro installation.


I will be getting money for this game next month does itch support prepaid cards?

never knew that crack could be a game cause looking at this game gave me a dopamine rush. sadly wont be able to buy games at least for a year.

Space Minecraft how I have looking for this for ages.

 Are there any indie developers taking advantage of the fact that big titles are placing themselves in a state of weakness and making alternatives to those game if so please tell me I would like to support you and your work if possible I don't want to support this type of behavior by buying games from people who would accept a bribe and then treat their customers like they are trash, but I also don't want to encourage piracy that is why I am here today to see if there is an alternative that would encourage a positive reaction.

I meant Epic Games Store that place is cancer right now the guy who runs it is also complete ass

I LOVE YOU, YOU GLORIOUS BASTARD! But seriously I am grateful for the existence of this game.

Hey I am having problem getting the Linux version of Eden to work with steam as a non steam game at the moment I am using my steam controller on desktop mode. Outside of that this game is awesome and I am sure this game will be the death of me both financially and physically. Also if somehow you get EGS to notice you please don't put it there I would appreciate that.

Can't wait to eventually toss my money at this

Man I wish I knew about a year ago so many games I could have supported.