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Thanks for playing! I'm glad it let you relax :)

Thanks for playing! :)

There are some levels where I unintentionally allowed for trivial solutions and didn't adjust the scoring accordingly.  (Doggo bump is one of them)

...Probably the result of making the levels after pulling an all nighter...

None of the elements in code (including the dog) use any randomness. There are some cases where the dog may notice things inconsistently at low framerates though.

Thanks for playing!

I hope you enjoyed the presentation at least :)

Thanks so much for playing! :)

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Good morning! Thanks for letting me know. I have fixed the issue with the download/archive. 

The problem was that I zipped the game using a specific configuration in 7Zip that windows is unable to understand. 

I am working on the WebGL version, it may be up in 10 minutes if the build cooperates. The build did not cooperate, I'll have to look at this later.

Enjoy :)

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I couldn't seem to find any taxi customers, and fitting with the theme of the jam it was really difficult to get the car towards the indicator due to some modifiers. I realize my first comment didn't sound like I really appreciated it. It's a great looking game and I think you did a great job in the time given! Keep up the good work!

Yeah definitely! Thanks for playing!


Great concept! I do wish there was some way to know that the player is actually controlling the direction the wind blows, but other than that maybe some ambient music would make it more interesting. Keep up the work!

Awesome game! This is probably one of the best entries out there.

Great concept! I did find a hilarious bug where if you dragged someone against a solid object and release in just the right way, you can yeet them somewhere really far away. Keep up the good work!

Great concept! I think some audio/music would go a long way in making this a great experience. Keep up the good work!

Great concept! I found collecting crystals to be pretty difficult without being able to control the ship lol. Also, maybe some music could go a long way. Overall great job! 

Great concept! I enjoyed the inclusion of a theme that plays when you die. Keep up the good work!

Great concept! Some sound or music could have gone a long way in making it more interesting. Otherwise great job!

I love the concept! The twist introduced on the second level where you break crates to get more moves is really clever. Overall keep up the good work!

Very interesting concept! At first I couldn't tell what each signal was until a few rounds in through trial and error. The audio is a bit rough but other than that, great work!

Great concept! For some reason I didn't have any audio and I can't tell if it's my setup or the game. Otherwise, very interesting concept! Keep up the work!

Interesting concept! While it might be fairly rough, I can see the idea behind it. Some of the textures were blurry due to the import settings in Unity, in order to fix that you should set the filtering to "point" on each texture. Otherwise,  keep up the work!

Yeah, I 100% agree with you. It was suggested to have an indicator in the corner of the cards but unfortunately we did not have time to do so. On a side note, the usage of all caps for the types is due to printing the identifier used in code without adjustments. Thanks for playing the game though!

Thanks! We are aware that there are issues with the rules and that some of the basic ones were messing and the very rng nature of the game. I'm glad you enjoyed the art and aesthetic though!

Ah sorry about that. The menu button on the top right corner of the game area brought up a menu with a help button that allowed you to review the cards. The rules are really chaotic because they are randomly put together. I hope you enjoyed some aspect of the game though! Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Yeah it really is praying for good rng on the rules. All of the rules are randomly put together with a lot of parameters and I wish I had more time to make it better. Thanks for playing the game though!

Great concept! I had some difficulty pulling off wall-jumps consistently but other than that great game! Keep it up!

Great concept! The puzzles might be tough but it's really good! I think some ambient sound or music could have made the experience even better! Keep up the great work!

Thanks! I wish I could have done more with it but the programming really got us stumped. Thanks for playing!

This game is absolutely awesome! Amazing concept and level design. Great art to go along. I only have one small nitpick which is that the music is a little repetitive. Other than that, the game is freaking amazing!

Very rough game, but I can see some time was put in to making it. Keep up the effort!

That was awesome! Great concept! Great stylized art and a fitting soundtrack to go with it! Awesome job!

That's a fun concept! I kept getting tripped up when the sun revolved around the earth lol. Overall great job! I think some sounds could have gone a long way in making it more interesting though. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks! Glad you liked it! Multiplayer would be amazing if we knew how to do that.

Interesting concept but I found it hard to play. Nice visuals though.

Hey cool concept, but I found the controls a bit difficult to get used to. I feel like some music could make the game more enjoyable. Otherwise great work!

Funny how we both used decks in our games but in completely different ways. Although it's a bit rough I like the concept!

Ahh... The red orb was an attack--- it is rigged but does nothing (keybound to z) the green one was the wall climb ability which is extremely broken but there... somewhere... Thanks for playing though! I'm glad you enjoyed it despite all the bugs!

Yeah... I wish I had the time... Thanks for playing anyway!

All created by Lady Edna! I'm sure she will be happy to hear that! :D