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I read they can only do a refund if its been less then a year. But I'll try it anyway.

Okay It been 3 whole years since I pre-ordered and the full game still isn't released?? This was my first time ever paying for a game and I thought the point of paying for a game was to support the development move a bit faster and smoother? At this point I just want a refund does anyone know who do I contact? 

Did you ever get one?

Do you guys have a walkthrough for the good endings?

If the game isn't done that's fine and well but at least give those of us who paid for it some kind of update letting us know what's going on. This is the first otome game I've ever paid for so I was really looking forward to it but I'm starting to think this was a scam. I know you guys have a life to deal with but when it comes to business and people who have paid you, You should make time to let them know what's going on. :(