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This should be fixed for win8 users and maybe win7 users too. After some searching around, this appears to be caused by D3DCompiler_47.dll. Originally I had the win10 version of it I guess. As a quick fix I uploaded a new version of the game using the win8.1 dll. I was unable to find a win7 version and for all I know win7 might have a update that supports the win8.1 dll. I will hopefully have a better solution for this in the next demo.

Are you running windows with dx11? This is my first time uploading a game using a custom engine, so I don't know what else it could be.

Wow, that looks disgusting. Thanks for telling me about this, I'll check into the issue of flickering.

Wow completely devoured my game in a few minutes... guess we can't be friends.

Thanks for the kind words, glad you see potential.

Sorry about your frustration with the controls, thanks for the feedback.