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Thanks so much! There's still a bunch I want to do before I release the full game, but I'm hoping I can complete everything soon. Controller support is still a work in progress, but I'll make sure everything is ironed out before the final release!

I'll be showing some new stuff at Magfest 2020, hope to see you again!

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Thank you so much for covering my game! I really appreciate the encouragement!

Thank you for the feedback! I agree that the gameplay is pretty annoying at the moment, but I have plans to fix that. You're totally right though; this is just a rhythm-platformer game, with a stealth theme. I have ideas on how to turn it into a stealth game, it's just going to take some work to get it implemented.

Ok so I ended up compiling the game in command-line using MinGW. I uploaded the result as GrappleZapCircuit (Alt), let me know if that works for you!

Oh gotcha, I used SFML.

Huh, strange. I used Visual Studio 2015.

Hmm, interesting. I don't really know how to package up my applications for release, so I'm sure there is something I could do on my end to remedy this. However, I believe if you  install the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 from Microsoft it should solve those dll issues. Hope that helps!

Glad you enjoyed it! I have a list of things I want to implement, so I'm definitely going to work on it more before I move on to other projects.

I haven't tested the game with XBox One controllers (I'm using wired 360 controllers), but did you try connecting the controller before launching the game? I haven't worked out all the bugs with connecting/disconnecting controllers during runtime yet, so maybe that was the issue? I'm glad you managed to make do with the current keyboard controls though!

Regarding the slidey handling, I originally did that to encourage the use of the grapple to take turns efficiently, but I may have overdone it a little bit. I'll play around and tweak the numbers. Also, I'm glad you liked the audio and visuals, that's always the part I struggle with most. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! Yeah, a brief controls page and a tutorial/test area would really help the game. I intend on making one!

I 100% agree. I worked on a basic AI but couldn't get it done in time! Not only that, but time trials doesn't even save your best time for each track. Because of these factors, playing alone is really boring right now (I know from all the playtesting), so these are features I really want to implement. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

I thought about using Box2D, but I ended up designing my own calculations for the grappling cord for the exact reason you mentioned. If you're curious how I did it, I'm going to make the game open source after a few more revisions, so hold tight!

On the topic of the controls, you're totally right, I designed the keyboard controls horribly (as it currently stands, you can't even aim diagonally). I'm happy with the way the controller turned out, but I would like a keyboard controls to feel just as nice. I'm thinking I'll make WASD the movement control, and then I'll use the mouse to aim and fire the grapple.

The level select needs a lot of revision too. I would like to get the font that is used everywhere else in the menu into a proper bitmap font, so that I can keep the font consistent throughout. I also would much rather make it a grid of little icons, so I'll play around with it in the next few weeks.