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Thanks so much!! There's no way to do that just yet, but I'm working on sorters for the next update!

Thanks so much for all the playtesting! I'm going to change some stuff based on everything you've mentioned, and I'll add some of your ideas to my to-do list! Some of the stuff you mentioned is actually already on my stretch list. I'll release a roadmap sometime soon!

Currently I'm working on saving & loading, sorters, and some other secrets to make the v0.2 release juicy :D

Can't wait to see what you think!

Glad that the game is starting to feel better! :D

Some of these things that you've found aren't actually bugs, but rather poorly explained mechanics (the lab duration and oxygen costs). I agree that the oxygen costs are getting WAY big, but it depends on the gravity of the asteroid you're launching from. You can always hover over a cost/stat to see the formula used to calculate it! Try that with the Tech 2 duration and see if you can figure it out :P

Asteroid gen is still very unbalanced, so I apologize for the bad RNG. Also, ice can be found in asteroids far from the sun. You might need to get some scan and launch range upgrades!

I'll fix the hub->relay issue in the next patch, sorry about that! There are some other things that I'll put safeguards on in the future too.

I have an idea for your solar efficiency problem, stay tuned :P

The mute issue I'll look into, but if it's an issue of the game running >24 hours, it won't be an issue when saving/loading is done.

Thanks for keeping me updated with stuff you find!

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OH! You're still on version 0.1.0, you should download the most recent update!

I really like your idea of thinking of the Tech levels in terms of stages. The crystals are DEFINITELY meant to be a late game thing, with the meteors being the earlier game equivalent, so I'll rebalance around those concepts!

Thank you so much!! <3
I'm having a blast making it :P

Thanks so much for the feedback! I love your idea of having a place to see what's planned, I'll try to get a roadmap up! At the very least, if it exists in another factory-building game, I'd like it to exist here too. That goes for filtered tubes, I just haven't finished them yet :P

Tubes are also very bare-bones at the moment. In your pictures, the Port and Pump are taking from each other endlessly. For now, you can fix this by making the Port into a Pump, but expect a massive tube rework soon! Also, your idea for a Router is actually exactly what I'm working on, I'm just trying to get the resource selection UI to make sense.

I also like your idea of a mining drone. I agree that I'd like to flesh out the expansion process overall to make it less convoluted.

There is a way to deal with the enemies on other asteroids, but it's in Tech 4. For now, just don't research Tech 3 Labs until you're ready to defend; the enemy doesn't spread until then :)

Thanks for bearing with these early versions and getting me some great feedback! <3

It's definitely not a permanent solution, but I originally made the HQ scan infinite to solve a soft-lock where you could run out of resources before getting rocket tech. For other asteroids, the small meteors that hit them actually give them some scannable resources! I agree that it feels a little strange though. It's all still pretty temporary, I'll rework it in the future!

Thanks so much, so glad you enjoyed it! I totally agree with the gear suggestion! I'll put that in the patch this Friday :P

The option to change the resolution shouldn't be too difficult either, I'll see what I can do! Thanks again for playing!

Omg tysm for playing! It's a blast watching you play!! The game is definitely rough around the edges but I'm so glad you've gotten so much enjoyment out of it already :P

A patch is coming later this week that will rebalance the tech tree so that you can set up defenses earlier, as well as adding in some new buildings and configs! After that I'm going to work on saving/loading and we'll be well on our way to v0.2!

Glad you figured out the research :P

Thanks so much for playing!!

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Ohh I gotcha! You should replace that port with a pump instead. BUT, you can't insert directly into an HQ, you'll need to put it in a warehouse!

The easier way to do this for now is to put one port next to an iron drill, and then another port next to a rock drill! The ports allow you to build using the stuff stored in them! Apologies for the confusion!

Tubes are hard to get the hang of at the moment. Here's a quick guide:

- Tube-Ports will take resources from any adjacent plots and store them for usage in construction/depositing.
- Tube-Pumps will take from the two plots that aren't selected, and push them into the selected plot.

You have to be careful you don't have 2 tubes trying to take from each other, they will pass resources back and forth!

Thank you so much!!

Thank you!! Yeah I really apologize for the balancing issues, expect some rebalancing soon! I'll get saving and loading done for the next update too, so that you can have a long-standing war with them! So glad you like the music + artstyle too!


Thank you so much! There's a lot that I still want to do, but I'm glad you're already enjoying it! A controls & hotkeys screen is definitely needed, as well as some other quality-of-life stuff!

Sorry about the crystals, I think they're a little too aggressive at the moment! There is some tech in T3 and T4 that lets you deal with them, but I think that's too high up in the tree to be useful. I'll be rebalancing a lot in the future :P

Thanks again for playing!

Thank you so much! The full version is just on the horizon, keep an eye out for it!

Beautiful and brilliant; I love these types of asymmetrical co-op games. Having randomly generated levels could be fun, and you can sync the two games via sharing random seeds. Definitely saving this to play with more friends later!

Swapped controls are the bane of my existence. I love it!

Super clever idea! I agree that the current control scheme gets tiring for long corridors, but other than that this is super fun!

I didn't get very far before having to give up, but it's honestly pretty fun! The death sound effects had me cracking up every time I died.

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Awesome game! Some of the puzzles gave me Talos Principle vibes. I agree with some of the other criticism mentioned, but overall this is super fun! Definitely the best I've played so far!

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Thanks so much! There's still a bunch I want to do before I release the full game, but I'm hoping I can complete everything soon. Controller support is still a work in progress, but I'll make sure everything is ironed out before the final release!

I'll be showing some new stuff at Magfest 2020, hope to see you again!

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Thank you so much for covering my game! I really appreciate the encouragement!

Thank you for the feedback! I agree that the gameplay is pretty annoying at the moment, but I have plans to fix that. You're totally right though; this is just a rhythm-platformer game, with a stealth theme. I have ideas on how to turn it into a stealth game, it's just going to take some work to get it implemented.

Ok so I ended up compiling the game in command-line using MinGW. I uploaded the result as GrappleZapCircuit (Alt), let me know if that works for you!

Oh gotcha, I used SFML.

Huh, strange. I used Visual Studio 2015.

Hmm, interesting. I don't really know how to package up my applications for release, so I'm sure there is something I could do on my end to remedy this. However, I believe if you  install the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 from Microsoft it should solve those dll issues. Hope that helps!

Glad you enjoyed it! I have a list of things I want to implement, so I'm definitely going to work on it more before I move on to other projects.

I haven't tested the game with XBox One controllers (I'm using wired 360 controllers), but did you try connecting the controller before launching the game? I haven't worked out all the bugs with connecting/disconnecting controllers during runtime yet, so maybe that was the issue? I'm glad you managed to make do with the current keyboard controls though!

Regarding the slidey handling, I originally did that to encourage the use of the grapple to take turns efficiently, but I may have overdone it a little bit. I'll play around and tweak the numbers. Also, I'm glad you liked the audio and visuals, that's always the part I struggle with most. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! Yeah, a brief controls page and a tutorial/test area would really help the game. I intend on making one!

I 100% agree. I worked on a basic AI but couldn't get it done in time! Not only that, but time trials doesn't even save your best time for each track. Because of these factors, playing alone is really boring right now (I know from all the playtesting), so these are features I really want to implement. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

I thought about using Box2D, but I ended up designing my own calculations for the grappling cord for the exact reason you mentioned. If you're curious how I did it, I'm going to make the game open source after a few more revisions, so hold tight!

On the topic of the controls, you're totally right, I designed the keyboard controls horribly (as it currently stands, you can't even aim diagonally). I'm happy with the way the controller turned out, but I would like a keyboard controls to feel just as nice. I'm thinking I'll make WASD the movement control, and then I'll use the mouse to aim and fire the grapple.

The level select needs a lot of revision too. I would like to get the font that is used everywhere else in the menu into a proper bitmap font, so that I can keep the font consistent throughout. I also would much rather make it a grid of little icons, so I'll play around with it in the next few weeks.