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Désolé du temps mais le jeu n'a pas pu entièrement aboutir, il n'y a que les visuels de la page pour le moment !

Le jeu n'est pas du tout fonctionnel, on a fait une page pour montrer des screens surtout !

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Bonjour ! Y'aura t'il une vidéo du démarrage, un live ou autre ? 

Ou bien un lien vers un powerpoint/discord après ?

Merci d'avance !

This is so cool , I loved the game (just at a moment I can't continue and I'm so sad :'o ) Spoiler ("the appartement must be nearby" moment)

It's really cute, I like this type of game, (like 80 days), need some changes for the global ergonomy but it's great !

Simple and fun !

I will check out ! The localized version

The localized version 

C'est bizarre... c'est un jeu unity classique xo

The localized version of the game (English and French for now) :

NOOOO I did my changes but I can't upload because of voting... I can give you a translate version if you want...

it's just nice things say by grandmas (Itry to make it for this afternoon


I really love the mood and the art of this game, Gd is quite intense too, well done !

This is so cool ! I love to find other way in games !

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I did a game about my grandma where you help her with objects ^^ English version is in comment or description !

My only one is my Grandma who died less than a year ago. I did this game about her <3 It's in french but trad is comming !

I did it with a 450 score :'o  I like this retro design and th enemy face.