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Ohh I didn't know that they changed it on Steam. But Steam actually does not have the full game. Even on Steam, it is the same version here. It will never be complete and so that's why they made those text files. I'm glad that they at least changed it on one platform but yeah there's no way that this game at this quality should be as costly as some console games are. 

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Hey all! So the devs put a link on their Kickstarter page for text files to what they typed up of Guillam's route. His route will never be put into the official game. (I think it's wrong they charge this much for a game they never fulfilled their promises on. That's the cost of a full, high quality, translated Japanese otome with like 6 routes...but I digress.)

They made those files available to non backers in 2020, but unfortunately for YEARS now since then left the link private on Google Drive! It was a frustrating thing that has such an easy fix. 

I went through Hell and high water but was able to finally get the access files to his route.  Finally, after FOUR YEARS there can be some closure. 

For anyone that would like to see it, here are the text documents for Guillam's route:

Google Drive - Guillam Route Text Files

I hope it all gives you some closure for the route! 

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Hey there! Finally, closure after 4 years lol! I was actually able to get the files for his route. Took some major scouring lol but here ya go!

Guillam Text Files

Ah okay, thank you anyways :( shame that they could never fix this one simple and avoidable issue after all this time. 

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Do you think you can share the file with me? They've accidentally made it private now so I cannot see despite being a buyer.

This is a very inspiring GUI! Love the idea you guys were going for with this, and can definitely see it used not only in futuristic VNs but other types of genres with a similar layout but different design. Even something unrelated to tech and computers (though I do love it in relation to tech/computers used here). The idea of this sort of interactive space is really unique and gives me some inspiration for any future projects that may come to fruition for me. Thank you guys for sharing this and your hard work!

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Take your time! Cannot imagine how hard it is to continue working on something when a huge issue happens. You guys are still making effort and that's really amazing and appreciated. I am excited to play this route (as I'm sure plenty of others feel the same) so just take your time at your pace and do what you can! Don't feel rushed. I hope everything works out for your team.

Hey there! Curious how many chapters you plan to make for this story? I am going to play this prologue within the next few days, which is very rare for me because I do not tend to play unfinished stories haha. But I keep getting drawn into your game and will give it a shot! Have you planned a certain amount of chapters out or is that TBA? You had brought up in a lower comment that you are working on the next part so I assume you're released this episodically rather than a full game. 

AHHH that little bit of hope that there coulld be DLC is all I needed 😂😂 I'm glad I can encourage you, your team's art is definitely worth it! I'm definitelyyy interested in seeing these interpersonal relationships--I peeped the flowchart of the boys for the main game and super excited to see what you all do with the guys' interactions. Some of the the most interesting stuff is learning about people through their interactions with others and things that their actions say about them.  Even when they're being jerks to each other, and some of the other guys seem rather abusive, I'm a sucker for damaged bois in books and VNS lmaoo and love to psychoanalyze them so  i cannot WAIITTT to learn more about their characters and why they act this way. 

THANK YOU AGAIN for sharing your feelings and art with us fans! I CANNOT WAIIITTTT to playyy all your future games! It may make my expectations of real men be as high as heaven itself but it's a worthy downside 😂 Good luck with things going forward!

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Wow...Playing this game, I'm getting that nostalgic feeling. I've played hundreds of otomes and VNs since I was like 10, and I'm 23 now. There's a feeling of happiness I get when playing good novels, and it's been so long since I've had that feeling. Pure endorphin release lol! 

Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed this, and how good everything was. From the writing, to the pacing, the music, the art, the GUI, the dialogue, the characters, the overall "mood"/tone...everything was just done SO well! This is a short game but I totally got immersed into this world as if I had played a full length VN game. I had not heard of your main game until now, but I'm gonna lose sleep waiting for it to be released lol! Because just from having played this amazing game, I know how excellent at storytelling and game development your team is. And honestly, I got creeped out AF from this game. Actually scared, and I never really got spooked from a visual novel lol! It's actually really hard to establish tension in writing and you guys really managed to creep me out! 

I fell in love with these characters. I LOVE THEM. I'm honestly kind of salty, I know you guys have to focus on your main game but UIT*^GY&T*guih AH pleaaaseee consider making some sorta sequel to this! 😅🙏  Maybe for another jam next year, or after you finish the main game. This was SO SO good of a concept that it could honestly be a full on game in itself. Ahhh I'm dying for more in that story! 

Well anyways, just wanted to gush a bit and thank you for your hard work and effort. So glad you guys submitted to the jam because you have a new stalker person that will be lurking and waiting for the main game's release lmao. Even though I do not comment a lot, I won't forget about the future game, I'll be looking forward to it! So just know that someone out here loves and enjoys your art if you ever feel unmotivated. As a fellow art type (video editor here) who's struggling with my own dreams and just moved to a new city cross country all by myself, 23 like the MC, I can tell it'll be something I will definitely enjoy playing and relate to. Ahh I'm so excited, thank you guys again!

PS: DID I MENTION HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM!! Have to agree with others, sooo hard to choose who I liked the most! Cooby stole but heart but also as soon as Fabious was being a jerk, I knew I loved him too because I knew he was trying to help from the start! Jusépe literally warmed my entire heart, I want to protect them all. I love the other ones too even though they SCARED me, especially love little Mr. Yandere!!

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I can't get the Spoiler's good ending. The other guys were no issues at all. There's still that chunk of ice by his feet every time, and I have played through this route seven times now (edit: 12 now). I've watched the sun go down today trying to get his good ending. 

I've followed the guide to a T. I got all 4 items for the route and flower scenes (early on before the cut off time for them). I got the park scene. I've done all the gray symbols. I've done everything I can every time his symbol comes up and still am not getting a Christmas gift.

EDIT: Okay, so I think I got it now. It actually triggered on the SIXTH time of me entering the dreamscape, not the fifth as I assumed to mean from the guide. I also was not sure if you meant going into his dreamscape or doing the gray symbol events (like when the game symbol comes up during investigating or when talking to Osiria and stuff) so I split between doing the two. Finalllyyy got it down. 

Yay thank you! This definitely helps a lot.

Same on the crisis thing LOL. At first I felt meh after playing the full game, then I felt kinda annoyed a day later, then a few days later I absolutely loved it and could not stop thinking about it. 

Yes but have not heard back; support seem to have helped quicker on these forums than through email so I gave it a shot here too. 

I am confused and a bit upset.  I private collection of mine has up and vanished completely. It was one of my biggest collections and I used it to organize a lot.  I know it is not some issue of a security breach because I have two step authentication. No one else has ever had access to my account. The last time I was online was maybe two months ago. I had seen the list perfectly fine before, but now I log on and see that's is isn't there.  

My lists are very important to me because they're the only way I have been able to keep track of what I've played and currently have queued on my computer. Please tell me that this is some sort of bug within the website and an issue that can be fixed. I don't understand how or why my collection vanished into thin air but it's very upsetting. 

Omfg this was such a good game. I can tell that you guys put SO much work and effort into it! I'm absolutely shook that you guys managed to make such a great game within the confines of a game jam. So much went into it that it felt like a project that may have taken way longer. You guys are really powerful game devs because, while there is great art, music, and voice acting, you managed to tell such a great story over mostly strings of text. And literally, it felt so natural, I'm not on discord often but when I am it is just like this. Even down to the dialogue, the timing of text you programmed so well, the UI, everything felt so real. 

You know game devs are top notch when they can tell such a meaningful and moving story with simplistic elements. I was so hooked on this and honestly didn't want the story to ever end. I wish I could put into the right words how much I enjoyed this story. I will be following you and keeping an eye out for your future projects. Just wow, thank you for this experience. 

I can't even describe how much this game meant to me. I'm so greedy, I wish there was more! The way you conceptualized these very difficult and complicated topics was pure beauty and art. I don't think I've come across such intelligent writing in years. This game could really constitute as a well thought out thesis, you really describe the positives and negatives of these concepts and how they aren't just bad for the world, but based on good intentions that have all been corrupted by overlapping forms of selfishness and greed. 

It would be so amazing if these concepts of humanity could be personified into the forms of gods, because then it could be literal gods helping us accomplish change. But change starts with us as humans all doing better. This game definitely gave me hope. The younger generations give me hope as well. I'm a 98 baby, the wannabe millenial but technically Gen Z generation, so I'm still kinda young myself. But us younger generation have inspired me; millenials recognized these systems aren't working for us while Gen Z actively oppose them. This game reminded me of that hope of the younger generation and I will continue to hope that we can fight to reform the systems that are failing 90% of people. But that change does start with us. 

[somewhat spoiler-y here]

I love how the MC had the revelation they did at the end I got. You can't go back to original values, you can't destroy capitalism nor take people's identities away (however awful they may be) and social media won't be going anywhere, but that doesn't mean we can't try to make these ideals serve the people better than they've been doing now

[end spoiler-y part]

This game was such a beautiful experience...I had to stop myself from crying. The dialogue, characters and writing overall was just so clever and I can tell you invested so much time into this. I can't believe you guys made such a deep game within the confines of Nanoreno21, that makes this even more impressive. I hope you guys never stop writing. Even if you are completely done exploring this world, I would be blessed to play more of your game in the future.

P.S: Same as another comment said, the stock thing in  Lucren's name had me DYING. Along with all the references and memes, it was just too hilarious. Excellent writers!

Also beautiful art and UI!

Absolutely love this game! You are a great writer and I really love the world and characters you built up. I'm kind of greedy, I would love to know more about this world's lore and see more stories related to it. If you're ever planning on revisiting this world, I would gladly support your writing (but I'll support your writing regardless).

Thank you for the beautiful experience!

Hey there! How many days do you plan to do for full release? I normally only play completed games, so I'm interested in playing once finished :).

Will be waiting for this to finish before playing! Sounds super interesting!

Hi! Can you re-upload pictures? No pictures show on your page here.

Also excited! I just now found out about this game (but also didn't just find out because I already have it on a wait list lmao?!) but I can't wait to hear more as you work on things, I am obsessed with what I read about this project haha, I really like mentally disturbed characters because of their complexities, so I can't wait to play this in the future!

Take care of your own health as well within your busy schedule! mAKE TIME FOR SELF CARE! Appreciate the hard work.

Haha I'm the same way, I'm shy with strangers too even on the internet LOL. My discord is krazyki #9424, but someone else had an issue finding it for some reason? So if you can't find me, maybe we can try making one of those "join group" links instead.

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Ahhh yes agree! They do so well and have grown so much as a company! So nice to meet people who are into visual novels! Considering the time I've put into them I can say they're a pretty big part of my life and I never have anyone to talk to about them for things I notice like this! If you ever want someone to talk to about specific VNs, feel free to message anytime!

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Got to chapter 6 before I found out about the survival stats. I was loving this game and super excited to leave a review, and while I still love the game's story, I have to critique the use of the survival system. The unbalanced game design is making me dislike a character/un-immersed in the story, and for the technical elements to ruin the story elements is a disservice.

The survival system forces you to baby Vane, a character I didn't even like at first to begin. I was really starting to love his character before finding out about the survival system. You can't even spend time with the other two characters for the best ending, you have no choice but to select Vane in order to max his stats. While this makes sense from a story standpoint because he's the weakest character, from a technical/gameplay standpoint it is completely unbalanced. It makes no sense seeing as how a lot of the bonding and character development happens in these options and yet I can't choose the character I want to have an actual ending with.

I really enjoy this story, I thought it was some quick game and was surprised by the beautiful experience, and yet this nosedived my excited reaction a bit. I cannot even finish it ATM because I have to read the long walkthrough word for word and go back and choose most options with Vane to max his stats. I'm force skipping through unread text that I would've went back and enjoyed on separate playthroughs, which to me is disheartening because the story is better than just being skipped past like that.

It's only disappointing that a system like this was chosen because it's taken me out of a game with such an amazing story. I'm only upset because I do care and really do enjoy your writing. I really admire your character development and smooth relationship build up; not all VNs pull that off quite this well, sometimes characters seem to trust/love way too easy. Beautiful lore and world-building as well; this is one of the longest visual novels I've played in a while and I'm enjoying the length and work you put in. It's really just an unbalanced system unfortunately.

This game will stick with me for a while..I'm not sure why I'm in my feelings so much about it! >.< You made such a beautiful and enchanting story. Love your writing style and ability to immerse the mind entirely to your stories. I just felt really drawn into this world the entire time I was reading. Thank you for the beautiful experience, I look forward to reading more works from you!

Update: I just played and love it so much! The dialogue is so engaging and natural between the characters. I liked how earnest all the characters were. And of course, the art is simply astounding, so props to the artists. Thank you for yet another amazing experience!

P.S. I put my name as Kia so was very confused when she said that Kiana's name was Kia xD It was a hilarious coincidence. 

Thank you for the help!

Just saw this in my email! I love your writing style so much, you write beautifully. Art also looks gorgeous. Can't wait to play!

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I really would be here all day if I talked about everything I loved about this game... I could talk about how amazing this game was for really days on end! This one will definitely stick with me for a long time!

First off - phew! Storytelling! I have read hundreds of visual novels for over a decade now,  read so many books and stories and watched so many films, and in my experience, it has been extremely rare to find a game (or film plot) that not only tells an interesting story that keeps you gripped the entireeee time, but also paces that story so, so well. There wasn't a single moment I didn't feel invested in this story; I spent an entire weekend playing because I simply could not stop.

 As much as I like to have all the answers, I love the way that the routes ended. I love how unique they were to each character, how much thought your team put into each route and ending and how perfect they were to suit the character and theme of each route. I'm not sure if the quote was on the start of August's route or the start of the game since I played his route first, but I remember it said something about life being an enigma and something about it being worse when we try to assign meaning to it or puzzle it out? I couldn't find it again but that just really stuck with me as I played and finished this game; I definitely took this approach to it. I didn't have all the answers and to me, that was one of the whole points of the game. I feel that not having all the answers, and how we deal with lack of knowledge, how our beliefs change, how we treat each other, etc, is what this game was all about. I really appreciated how true and consistent you guys stayed to the themes you wanted to convey. Your storytelling went beyond the words but in how you ended the routes, how you paced and plotted them, how you hinted at certain things,  the small details of the game that readers unconsciously pick up on...Really you invested so much thought into every single element and each one felt like it really supported the message you were sending. Again just a huge huge nod to a gripping story and pacing, I honestly cannot remember any game I've played in years that paced as well.

Characters - Oh lord, I'm someone obsessed on the topic of characters so I just have to keep this as broad as possible or I'll make this review way longer than it already is. Basically I LOVED them all, even the ones I hated haha. By that I mean that they all had such depth that even though I disliked the close-minded personalities of some, I can appreciate their place in the story. Amazing character development and dimension. None of them seemed to do anything just for the sake of doing it or just to move the plot along. They had really believable motivations and stayed true to that on each route. I've recently discovered that I find myself drawn to reading fictions about mentally disturbed / 'dark' characters, especially in romances (Why am I like this?!). I find these characters interesting -- so without a doubt I really loved Augusts's character a lot. I loved how dimensional Erika was as well. She is far from some insert protagonist -- I found myself getting so frustrated with her sometimes and I really loved that because she was her own person. Honestly, I learned a lot from her point of view. I would disagree with her way of acting and then realized that she was right to act the way she did and so it balanced my own personality out. I won't ramble on any more about the others, but I really enjoyed them all and only wish that there was more information revealed about them all!

Art - AHH!!!! I have played you guy's games since I have been a teen and gotta say, whoever is in charge of the art has grown so much! Anytime I see your characters, I know when I'm playing a Woodsy Studio game because I have always loved the style a lot. The style seems to have changed between now and the last game I've played of yours and I absolutely love it (Quantum Conscience - holy hell that game released in 2014?! No wonder!) I love the comic edge it takes in this game, and appreciate the talent you've invested so much into. Really love how you put so much detail in what these characters look like (for example, August's shirt being half tucked, half out?! Little details like that are so damn genius to me!) The style of art and character detail tells you so much about these characters even without the help of the dialogue and other elements of the game. If a character can speak in appearance alone without actually having to speak , you're doing something amazing as an artist. Simply love your work!

I speak for the 3D art too, really love how the world was designed and how the 3D art tied in so well for this game! 

Music - So perfect! I'm hardly adept enough at music to analyze or praise it as much as I'd like to, but just WOW. The music and ambiance in this game were AMAZING! Even finishing the entire game, the music left me feeling unsettled and tense and entire time. It really helped keep me on edge and never got annoying. In fact, I had to do some chores and house errands and the music accidentally was left to still play. I was too busy to turn it off but I didn't even care to. It's so mood-setting and atmospheric; let's just say washing my dishes has never been so creepy lmao! It really gets to you emotionally and fits the theme of the game perfectly. It reminded me a lot of Quantum's music.  

Voice actors - Gonna be blunt here, most English voice acting I've heard in VNs is pretty bad  IMO lol. I have cringed and been embarrassed a lot. Not this game!!! It's a job well done on casting for these characters. The voice actors are top notch and fit the characters perfectly. I think I've heard August's voice actor as of late in VNs and oh lawddd I don't understand why I'm attracted to sound waves but that man's voice is pure seduction. So fitting for a manipulative character like August. I really loved Julian's and Liam's too, I'm attracted to all the sound waves that their actors produce LOL. 

I don't want to ramble any more! I feel bad having typed all this in this hour long review, but I just wanted to give credit where credit is due because I have been playing you guy's games since I was a kid and have always loved them! You guys have grown so much and I'm so blessed that I get to experience the great stories and hard work you all put in. You guys definitely break the limits of typical English visual novels and make top notch work that goes beyond the standards and is incredibly unique. Love the synthesis of 2D and 3D art in this engine for this game, I didn't expect the 3D gameplay and enjoyed it a lot.  I am so excited to see what you guys make in the future! Thank you for yet another beautiful and provoking story. 

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I'm about ready to spend my RENT MONEY ON THIS OMG! Congrats on the release! I cannot WAIT TO PLAY!

Hope you plan on treating yourself all week! Eat some good food, buy yourself something nice -- YOU DID IT!! Congrats on finishing, so happy for you and so proud of you!

Just commented on your last post, oops hello again. I'm cracking up that you compare the wedding stuff to a chain quest xD I have no clue how you're able to plan your wedding and script a game all at once! You're a powerhouse. Well, as the wedding date gets closer, try not to stress too much! I see brides go crazy by stressing haha, try to remember in the coming months that the big day is all about the love, the ceremony is just the celebration of that love! Try to go with the flow as much as possible. 

Hope you can get your spa day soon; self care is always >>>> !

Hey no dude, you're not slow at all!!! You're doing this by yourself, and meanwhile, a lot of game devs with entire staffs don't even update in months (even years?!). You're the best, I'm so inspired by your dedication to your fans and I'm not even a game dev. Literally the only consistent in my life lately is my email popping up with your updates! Every time I see it I'm like "ugh best game dev ever, I appreciate them so much." (No pressure with this btw xD If you miss weeks or something don't feel bad, I just really appreciate your thought and effort.)

Continue to take care of yourself!

Man I was like a fetus when I played this game's demo with the old art haha, I had to be like 13, or 12 or 14. I'm 22 now LOOL xD I'll always be lurking and supporting the dev/devs from afar. This game was one of the first to do such cool animations with renpy and helped inspire me to create my own game in the future. Will always have a special place in my heart!

I know this free game must've taken you forever, but do you plan to make more projects soon?! I'm so greedy haha. I played this game probably a week or so after release (over a year ago?), and I really cannot stop thinking about your enchanting writing style. I hope you plan on releasing more projects -- I'd definitely give a hefty sum to back you and monetize your art this time!

I read the comment below, makes me :( that you said the backgrounds are sucky. They look beautiful, I love the watercolor style so much. Will put this in my collection of games to look forward to when completed. <3

How many steps of life do you guys plan to have? I'm someone who likes to play games when they're fully complete, so I will patiently wait even if you guys go to Step 99 and they're gray and old LOL.

Love both art styles but really admire the work and updates you made to perfect your previous projects! I remember playing SFM so many years back, I wanted to replay it maybe a few years ago but could NOT find the game and I was so beat up about it because this one has a special place in my heart like those other novels you mentioned. (I eventually found it like a week or so later haha but I was so crushed not being able to remember the name.) I've been playing visual novels for well over 10 years now, and the heartwarming ones like yours from my childhood continue to stick out to me more than most. I also played Signed X and Out of Sight when they first came out, and you/your team's storytelling really stuck so much with me. I didn't even realize those games were yours until now, but now it makes complete sense why I enjoyed those games so much. 

Now that I'm 22 and an ADULT adult lol, life gets tough but my comfort is in my memories, and I'm always gonna have fond memories of the lazy days where I had a nice cup of tea and played your games. It'll be a tradition going forward for me when I replay your games in the future. 

Thanks for being a joy in my childhood and moments of peace in my adulthood! I look forward to your other works going forward, and I hope you're taking care of yourself well!

I think about this game every now and then, even though I played it years ago. Never expected a Nanoreno game to have such a big impact on me, seriously! This game was incredibly endearing and sweet, it just holds a special place in my heart. 

There's something about the adventure and sweet little connections of this game that my heart reaches out for. I probably unconsciously related to the main character. I want to take more chances and leaps of faith. I yearn to go out into the world, meet new people, and find happiness, though I feel held back due to...well, money haha, along with introvertedness and shyness. I'm not sure if your intention was to encourage people, but I remember this game was a huge encouragement for me and I really want to thank you for that. I'm tearing up just thinking about it! It's a good reminder to not give up on myself and my dreams. I will play this whenever I feel short-sighted, stuck and lost. 

You're a good writer and I am so grateful for you/your team! Thank you for this motivating and sweet journey that you've written. It'll be a visual novel out of hundreds that sticks out and stays close to my heart. 

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Wow, I went in knowing I'd be playing an interesting game, but didn't expect to suddenly discover one of those stories that stick with you for a very long time.

I've played hundreds of visual novels, read hundreds of stories, and this one is one of the few that will stick with me for a long time as it moved me to my core. I really loved your writing, and loved how you made me connect with these characters even with more minimal dialogue than I've normally seen. Being able to tell a story by using subtext, character actions and the other elements (sound, visuals, etc) is such a powerful way of storytelling that modern day filmmakers would be shaking in their knees seeing how you pulled it off. I have the upmost respect for writers that trust their audience enough to experience an emotional story without completely holding their hand with dialogue. There's so much unsaid that conveys so much in this story. Maybe you weren't thinking that much about it as you were writing it yourself, and I am merely overthinking it, but even so it seriously works amazing because I really liked how powerful the subtlety is in this game.

I agree with what the last comment said about writing a child that isn't annoying LOL! Super happy about that and loved the character design overall. I loved how they slowly changed as people, nothing felt abrupt whatsoever nor forced. And let me tell you, there's not a lot of visual novels I can say that about when it comes to characters and relationships in VNs. Not even just for the characters but the entire story too. It flowed nicely and was written beautifully. 

The sound and music you used was super fitting, by the way. I was thinking how it set the mood and kept me on edge the entire gameplay. There's just something about it that makes you feel desolate and paranoid, and it really helped me connect to the character's feelings more. I've heard some of the music appear in other games, and I'd have to say this this is one of the few games that the music didn't sound cheesy nor over-the-top for. Really love how atmospheric this game was overall.

I really loved everything, I just wished there was more information on the organization! And about this world in general. It's hard to let this world go from my mind without learning more about it. But this first game ended where it did fittingly, at least for the ending I got (which I assume is the 'true' or happy ending choices). I wish the world was a bit more developed just because I'm so curious! But anyhow, I am so happy to have read this amazing journey from you. You deserve way more recognition from this game. I really hope you plan to make future works!


  • Who is your favorite and least favorite character and why?

          -  Really hard to say! If I had to choose, probably Matt. He's super selfless. Or George, since that level of human kindness is hard to find nowadays.

  • How did you heard about this game? (Twitter, lemmmasoft, friends, etc…)

          -  Either from here or steam!

  • What did you like the most about the game and what did you like the least?
  •     -  Most: Pacing and subtlety
        -  Least: I just would like the world to be more fleshed out! Maybe more detail or length of time spent in intimate, bonding moments with the characters, as the moments seem to pass quickly in this game. I don't dislike what was written already though. And maybe longer endings!