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Sorry, I wasn't clear enough with my question. I understand that this game is episodic and what episodic means -- I was referring to Oathbreaker 1, not episode 1.  I was wondering if I'd get a full experience from the first original game.

Game Devs don't know how much fans appreciate posts like this! I'm literally JUST now finding out about this game, so haven't even been a waiting fan, but I literally appreciate this post so much. More Devs should take after you guys in caring for fans to have an update like this! Thank you for your dedication and hard work.

Just a quick question! Is the first game standalone in relation to this one? I normally like to wait to play stories when they're fully released! If the first story ends on a big cliffhanger, I'll just wait until this entire game is finished before playing season one.

I liked this game! It was unique and had a different feel to it than other games. I really like the more crude, 'R rated' aesthetic of it. Really interested to see writing like this if you make any future works! It's just a breath of fresh air from the surface level, PG stuff I've played for a decade of playing visual novels.

Same as other people said, really like the commentary in this game! This game is a good message to not get caught up in the pursuit of love, and simply cherish the unexpected connections and in-the-moment memories along the way. Nice game!

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Just now getting to play this game from NanoReno, and gotta say that I love it a lot! I agree with the other comment, it was very obvious that you guys did your research! I'm very impressed in the amount of research that you put into a nanoreno game with all the time constraints, and not only did you do so, but you also made it super believable and interesting. 

I also really liked the writing in general, the story was very interesting and written with finesse; the character development was so well done. The art style was beautiful too! The same can be said about the music (it was so soothing that it actually made me fall asleep a few times lol!) It really fit the slice-of-life theme and didn't sound repetitive like some visual novel music does. I really enjoyed this story and the theme it was trying to convey. The choices were extremely well done and made me truly question my own morality. I always love a game that makes me think and makes me feel, and your game did both! 

I'm following your team because I'm super excited to see any future works you make! Please never stop sharing your beautiful storytelling!

I see you said that you're in the works of your 2nd game. That's awesome! I was just commenting to ask if the 1st game happens on a cliffhanger that leads to the 2nd? I want to buy this but I tend to wait till a story is complete so that I can basically binge it haha.

Also wanted to say that this is seriously an AWESOME AND UNIQUE game idea. Like seriously, this will give me the motivation to learn some coding that I didn't have before when thinking about learning. You've combined two things I have an interest in (coding and visual novels) and seriously you don't understand how much I respect you for this game! Your game idea is clever and I can see it winning awards in the future. Awesome job with this!

Hi! Had a quick question (not sure to pose here or Steam). Is it normal or is it a glitch to get a negative item quantity? On the colorful cloth item, it says I have -1. I have not crafted this item yet on this save (though I did load back to a previous save and crafted it for a mission to see if I'd liked the outcome. I didn't and decided to just re-load back to my original save so that was in the future. Not sure if this is some sort of save glitch in that case? Can't see how that'd be possible in renpy's python engine.)

I am not sure if this is something intentional or not, but was a little confused.

This was a creepy little experience! Loved it. And the voice acting was amazing! Better than I heard from some top notch, commercial VNs (In my opinion, a lot of EVN have some cringy voice acting lmao.)

This game proves that you can create suspense with very little if you're a good story teller. Well done!

Goodness, I never expected what I got out of this game. I love it SO DANG MUCH. This was so well written and paced, I'm so happy I took the time to play this game. I actually had no idea that you/some of you guys were the devs of the Magical Otoge series, but now it makes sense with how much I enjoyed the banter and writing in this game. This game has left me feeling happy and I truly enjoyed every part of it. Same with the art/bg/cg, it was all so beautiful! 

Even in all its ridiculousness, this game still has such a concise, funny, and even emotional story. Do you know how hard that is to do as a writer?! I commend you for your skill of being able to tell such a good story, design super dimensional characters, and make us love the characters so much ALL while nonsense is happening. I love it all.

(The ending made me want more xD I was shocked and excited about deep dish until I saw the fund page's price LOL. I was like dang, don't clown me devs, I REALLY need MOAR.)

Thank you guys for making such a great game!

I have not finished the game yet but I will say, YES PLEASE CONTINUE THE STORY! xD Other comments and reviews have covered some issues already, so I'll just say that the story and mystery are so intiguing and well thought out. I'm honestly so impressed with the story and art, I'd really love for you to continue it so much! I NEED it. xD

If you guys need any testers in the future, I don't really have any experience with beta testing but I'd be willing to help with the English text editing! I do have like an extremely low level of python knowledge from working in renpy myself, so correcting the script even in a .rpy/python format would not be an issue for me. Just an offer if you ever need it!

Thanks again for the amazing game so far! Excited to see what may happen next!

Preparing for surgery always sucks so much. I hope yours goes well for you and that you turn out safe! Health comes before all else, so don't feel too pressured about the game!

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Hey there! Was wondering if this game is a complete game? The descriptions say that it's Act 1 and 2; will there be more acts in the future or is it complete? And if so, how many more acts do you plan to release? Any time frame?

Thank you! This game looks amazing so far, with both graphics and story! :)

Take your time! Paying artists out of pocket is challenging, I don't think people realize how expensive art is! (as it should be, but still). A kickstarter may be a great idea after the first chapter completes. :) I hope everything works out, i'll be continuing to lurk for updates haha. 

Stay safe!

Looking forward to more updates! Been lurking since Nanoreno and am excited to see where this goes! Sounds very different than other games which is super interesting and unique. Hope you're feeling fully recovered by now, and good luck!

This was so amazing! The writing skills/pacing, art, characters...everything was so well done! I just now realized you guys are the same people who created some other games I played, and it totally makes sense how greatly put together this is as I enjoyed your other games too. Thank you for the story!

P.S: This game totally got me into urbexing, haha. I didn't know there was an official term for this kind of thing, but this looks like a lot of fun!

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this game! You have an amazing sense of storytelling and character development. Almost always in stories, I feel as if character changes are way too abrupt or forced. Ironically, though this game is shorter in length, I feel as if it had smoother character development than games that are hours and hours long. I really felt heart-warmed seeing these characters grow close to each other and grow to care for one another. They just felt real and human. The overall aesthetic of the game just made me happy, almost like that nostalgic feeling that takes your mind to a better place temporarily (a bit dramatic, but that's the best way I can describe it lol!) It just left a warm impression on my heart. Thank you for creating this game!

I realized I have played most of your other games in the past, and like them a lot as well!I look forward to your future works <3

Yay Congratulations!! I really appreciate the hard work you put in and the efforts you make to update! I normally just check on updates from the shadows lol, but wanted to just voice my appreciation. I've been a fan for a very long time, maybe approaching a decade now from when you released your first games. I always love replaying them because you have a true talent for storytelling and your work always put me in a good mood. So happy that you're still very active and creating things!

Thank you for using your free time to create content for your fans. Please take care of your health and still get rest!

A quick question! I know this game is finished, however, I notice you call it Book 1. Is it a closed story, or is it incomplete and there will be more books? And does it end on a cliffhanger for future books? I'm basically wondering if this Book is its standalone story in the same way that your two Mystic Destinies games are: both part of the same world, but their own separate stories. I am wondering if this book is its own, closed story.

Congrats on the full release! Been waiting for this, thank you for the hard work. Can't wait to play!

(Vague spoiler of true ending.)

I want to start by saying how I left off when I finished this game...I played this game a few months ago. At the time of completion, I didn't know how to feel about the game. I had invested hours into getting the true ending for the game, and when I did end up getting it, I was left with complete, pure emptiness and frustration, wandering "that was it?" My reason for feeling like this, however, isn't because of the main reason this game has got hate. It was more the fact that it felt way too confusing and abstract. The game up to that point, however poetic and symbolic, was still grounded in a reality that could make sense. So this "avant-garde" style final ending that had a lot of requirements didn't seem to be worth the hours I invested, and I was a bit disappointed leaving this game.

Despite this, never once did I have a gripe with the dark nature of this game. (I truly don't understand the hate it received for being dark. Visual novels are a medium like any other for story-telling, and there's no requirement that says the games have to be light-hearted. I was honestly shocked that people think the game being too "depressing" should be counted as an actual, real criticism against a game. I think you can dislike depressing games and criticize them but for people to have negatively scored it on steam because of that alone definitely seems unfair and invalid in my opinion.)

To me, even if it was sad to read sometimes, I truly enjoyed the dark nature of the game when I played it. At the time, I couldn't say I disliked it even though I felt sad/negative emotions at times along with the story. However, what really gets me the most isn't how interesting this game was when I played it, but the fact that it gets more interesting in hindsight months after. This is why I chose to write this post. I find that I think about this game all the time, and I'm extremely drawn back to the emotions it evokes again and again. Everything about this game was just so strongly thought out; so REAL. Never once did I feel like the character development was terrible, or the dark theme forced, or the storytelling boring/arbitrary. No matter how dark this game was, it's obvious to anyone paying attention that every detail was deeply thought out and every character was developed down to the genes. The world building was just amazing and honestly very accurate if applied to the real life setting. (For someone in the film business who eventually needs to move to LA myself, I found that this dark world was a beautiful way to portray the entertainment capital. This darker view was extremely relatable.) Every detail of this game, from the writing, to the art, to the music--Don't get me started on the music, SO powerful and emotional--all created a valid vision that the author was wanting to portray. And like a nostalgic, bittersweet memory, I find that as more time passes, this game just becomes more and more beautiful in my thoughts. In all its darkness, BECAUSE of all its darkness, this game is incredibly beautiful.  

I still don't understand that final ending, and I'm not sure it's meant to be understood in a typical sense. But I find that if I throw away my notions of what I expect out of visual novel endings, and just view the game as it simply is, I'm not disappointed at all with this game. Despite my initial response to the ending, this game was a powerful experience to me that still makes me emotional months later. A story is effective when it makes you feel something--even if those feelings aren't straight up joy and happiness. A story is effective when you can't get it out of your mind months later. And that's what this story was to me.

I didn't really mean to ramble with this post, I just really wanted to show my appreciation for it amongst all the hate it gets over and over. I felt it important to say because it truly still impacts me on a deep level. It may seem corny to say that, and I never expected this game to have such a big impact on me, but I found it important to simply say that it did. I just want to thank the developers and everyone involved for creating this game. Even if other people did not appreciate it, there is at least one person who did and sees the value in the story you were wanting to tell. Your writing is valid just as any other visual novel is, and you don't deserve negative ratings with biased criticism because of your vision.

Please continue to keep making games close to your heart, even if you'll get hate for it. I'm not sure if you all plan to make more "depressing" games after the negativity this one got, but I'd really encourage you to do so anyways if you want to tell another story like this one. I am seriously looking forward to whatever future work that you put out. 

Thank you for your vision.

Ahhh thank you guys so much for the hard work!!! Been so excited for this, I can't wait!!!

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Look at all these people coming back to replay! You know your game is good when people replay it after years and years ^^ Also played it some years ago, and I just thought of it out of the blue today. Can't wait to replay it myself in a few days. Wanted to leave my regards and thanks!

LOL same! Lost so much sleep this past week! No shame.

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"if artists try harder, their art can look better"

If a human tries harder, their grammar could be better, yet you still chose to type this garbage comment and grammar. Free speech does not mean freedom of consequences. Art is art, there's no better or worse. You prefer a different art style than what is portrayed here, but the art is by no means bad. I love this art style over the typical Japanese visual novel style. The proportions are accurate, anything past that is subjective. You clearly don't know anything about art if you can't grasp that simple concept, and clearly shouldn't be judging anyone else with such lack of knowledge. Based on your choice of words, you're clearly under the age of 18 and lack maturity. Learn to understand the difference between personal preference and bad quality. I hope someone tears down something you worked hard on as well. Perhaps someone already did if you have to make rude comments online to maintain any sort of sense of control and power in your life. You're clearly not getting enough of it in your own day-to-day, pubescent life. Grow up.

P.S: You're the only POS who didn't enjoy the art. You're alone with your false and sh*tty "criticism."

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My life is empty now that I've finished this game ._. Seriously though, such an amazing, immersive world and so beautiful. I'm really looking forward to whatever possible sequel comes, to the point that I'm greedy and can't even wait LOL. I read on tumblr that you don't plan on putting in a Cuthintal route, but if you were willing to ever reconsider I would pay top dollar ;_; If nothing else, I would be interested in seeing something like this in a sequel with different characters. 

Anyhow, I was so fortunate to be able to play this game. Thank you for the hard work and thank you for the amazing experience.

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I wish you a full recovery, and so appreciative of the updates despite you feeling sick! I just finished playing the first game and absolutely fell in love with this world. I will always be around to support you as a developer and will be looking forward to seeing everything you accomplish! I've played great visual novels but it's rare when I find ones like this that I absolutely fall in love with. Don't lose encouragement, because fans like me will be around to check in on you and support you! As excited as I am to play this game when it's fully released, take your time and don't compromise your health! We'll be around regardless because you truly deserve all the support and understanding.  I'm truly grateful to be able to experience this art you put into the world.  I know it sounds a bit dramatic, but your work has really helped better my life. Good stories are what add peace to my life, and give me a way to escape and be happy at the end of a long day. Stories like this always teach me something and add a new perspective to my life. It is your hard work that's made me smile and made me reflect on things in my own life. I can't thank you enough for the hard work. So please, take your time, because I and your other fans will be grateful anyways. Making a game is far from easy, yet you choose to do it for us. Get well soon and take care of yourself!

Edit: Also, feel free to ask for any help! I only have a little experience with renpy, but I'm always willing to help out as a fan with anything that will make the process of creating this game easier for you! Don't be afraid to reach out to us fans!

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I am gray-A so am considered on the spectrum as well, I just find it irrelevant to mention because my identification does not mean I could not say ignorant things about someone I don't understand. Yes I already understood what you meant, but it comes off as you just trying to psychoanalyze someone and explain their sexuality away. It comes off as "you must be this way because you're traumatized." not because they already understand what they don't want in a relationship and made it very clear. I'm also looking at the bigger picture -- you used engaging in sex, running a sex shop, and masturbation as reasons for him to not be asexual, and I made it clear that those are not valid reasons at all why he wouldn't be since asexuals throughout the entire spectrum engage in all. Seemed misinformed to me to say otherwise, regardless of sexuality, hence me saying what I said. 

But I'm not going to continue this conversation over a video game character, it's not worth it. Just saying that it's not valid to use engagement  in sex or the interest in the idea of sex as a way to 'explain away' asexuality.  Would definitely come off rude to others if applied to a real person. Nothing left for me to say in this conversation, have a good day. 

You can be intrigued by sex and work at a sex shop and still be asexual...the explanation he gives makes it very clear that he is asexual. People who are asexual also are sometimes willing to engage in sex with their partners in order to make them happy, but may get nothing or little out of it themselves. Asexuality is really also a spectrum, asexual people have engaged in masturbation and some may stop after trying, some may continue to enjoy it and partake in it. Being nervous to get close to someone is also entirely different than asexuality, you can characterize with both or either/or. ..It is important that you educate yourself more on things like this before discussing them so that you don't spread false information. 

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Just wanted to say I appreciate your constant updates. It's rare nowadays when a game dev doesn't keep their fans in the dark. Even if things slow down in the future or would happen to, it's nice to have someone who cares enough to update, so keep being you! Thank you for your hard work!

You definitely do deserve it! I wish more games were like yours nowadays to be honest. I will follow and support for sure!

I mean, it's your game so it'd be helpful to know how to get certain routes lol...I can't get a good ending with the crush.

Goodness, worlds like these are my FAVORITE in fiction. The darker aesthetic is really amazing to me, and the art only serves to complement it. I had no choice but to support your work and check out the art pack. I really love art like this that has beautiful free brushstroke patterns (I don't know anything about art, that's the best way I can describe it haha!) You really created a beautiful world and atmosphere here! And I have to say I'm just a huge fan of your writing and pacing, you inspired me to write personal things myself. I really can't wait to see your future work that will include this world. Thank you for this little journey. <3 I'm not a renpy pro, but if you ever need help in the future with any part of your future projects then don't hesitate to ask! I really wouldn't mind further supporting and helping out with such a enticing world you've created.

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Goodness, I'm with everyone else. I haven't played a lot of yaoi/shounen ai and had no idea what to expect in general with this game, but I definitely did not expect to love it this much. I was smiling the whole time playing this. I really enjoy your story telling and character development. It's not often anymore that I see this natural and beautiful progression of the story. It's been a long time since I've felt a VN make me feel the same sort of way this one did, nowadays I feel like a lot are missing heart but your game really had that something I've been missing in VNs. I really look forward to seeing what you make in the future, and would love to back any future projects if you crowdfund for or at least give support if you don't! Thank you for this little journey, and I hope you and/or your team never stop writing stories!

Is there a guide for this game? :)

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Looks so nice, the art and premise are both remarkable! Hope this gets updated soon!

Such a sweet game with a nice message! Really enjoyed the conversations and both characters. It sounds silly but it made me think a lot about my life and taking risks! I love the character art as well. Thank you for the journey! <3

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Hey there! Gotta say I really love the art and aesthetic of this game. The mystery and magic was really cool!

I just wanted to add some things because I really cared about this game more than I realized. I really am not the biggest fan of leaving constructive criticism because I think sometimes people are too harsh or it puts the creator down but I wanted to leave some because I genuinely love your work. In terms of graphics and user interface, I was blown away .Characters were very good looking and the story premise was great! I just somehow felt that halfway through, I was simply confused with the story. I was intrigued with the mystery but I realized with the plot wrapping up in my first playthrough that the captivating mystery had morphed into not me not ever really knowing where the plot was going anymore. I think the mystery fell a little flat in an anticlimatic way, like reveal was a bit dulled because of the plot twist. And the story never really delved too deep into how far it could go. The premise/worldbuilding was fleshed out so much for it! I just felt as if it never got too deep and the game kind of throws a lot of information at you to the point of confusion. I understood the plot twist and the gist of some things but I never truly understood what happened with the clues and things that the MC explained to the boys and stuff, and also didn't understand the 'backstory' completely, but maybe that was failure on my part. To add to it, the romance detracted a little because something important/serious would happen in the plot and just as I'm trying to understand it, there's be romance scenes that felt just kind of placed in. I guess I'm saying the timing of the romance confused me and detracted me from understanding the plot sometimes. 

I really don't want anything I say to come off as rude or harsh, it's 100% one person's opinion I just think it would really be awesome to get deeper in the plot. I really loved everything else besides that, the plot at first, art, music, and characters had me hooked. I would love to see more mystery and/or crime from you, I liked the idea of finding clues or unraveling a plot with a bunch of cute boys around lol!

Love! Thanks for the update and hard work.

Yes both are cool but I also like the 2nd if it has to be chosen!