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Narcoleptic Insomnia

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I might add powerups, but I'm not sure about that. I don't see a reason to punish the player for spamming since (at least in my opinion) it doesn't take away from the experience, but I'll probably incentivise aiming and charging shots by making shots that the player waits a bit before shooting do something as TheCalster suggested. As for the last point if you're talking about the collisions (or lack there of) that was fixed in the most recent build (release? (upload? (version?))).

I was actually planning to implement something like that but time ran out. Perhaps I'll add it now.

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In the most recent version the intervals between spawns decreases over time so that should make it more difficult. I'll try adding new enemies later in the game next time I get a chance to work on it.

P.s: glad you enjoyed it.

No progress made... except now it looks different.

Oh, forgot about that it was going to be like an objective list in the mission and you have 30 seconds for each (so that the missions can be longer than 30 seconds)

it's something... yay?

Starting over in the last 2 days of a Jam is always a good idea. (That was sarcasm)

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Some of the mechanics are actually implemented now such as the mirror and a simple projectile.

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My game is going to be a simple 2d game where the player has a mirror that can deflect enemy attacks. I haven't actually started working on the mirror mechanic but I've made graphics for the player and mirror.