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Weird, I am pretty much sure I downloaded it from your site (I was also quite surprised that it was already here, but I even saw the regualr "donate - name your own price" tag that I am seeing on your other games.

The question - is there arny other way to support you (and get access to that particual game) than Patreon? I don't mind making one or two bigger donation, but patreon just isn't my thing.


First of all, thanks for your work, I really appreciate everything that you are doing and it's simply great to see other ppl creating and... "enjoying" art of ... morally questonable context. Talking about y'all, pervs.

I have just one minor problem to report. (possible spoilers of ep.2):

When i touch the 2nd altar the scene with arachna is being played, and after having some of my stamina being drained the whole screen goes black. I see hp and sp bars in top righ corner, I can keep interacting with the altar (the text: "the stone is stil warm..." is being displayed), i can walk around and interact and stuff, I just can't see a crap XD

I have even memorized the path that leads you away from that particual cave section - and I did left it, But the cave with other slaves and elfs is just as dark.

Dunno if it's error on my side or some bug. I am really looking forward to hearing from you!!!

Muchos lovos.
Darkt, may the kink be "stronk" in you!!!