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This game's really cool, the atmosphere, build up, the sound effects in the background, all of this shit creeps me the fuck out. I love it. But there are some bugs and misspellings throughout the demo I found. Including on the description of the game here on the site. I can't remember exactly where but I think I spotted a misspelling in the kitchen in the letter to the woman who needed advice for her boyfriend's proposal. There's a bug in the main menu if you go to the options and spam some keys in the audio/video section, it bugs out and I couldn't back out anymore so I had to alt+f4. That and the UI glitched when I placed the paintings in and the door to the trophy room unlocked. The inventory was open but I couldn't close it and every key but ESC was unresponsive. When I pressed ESC the game just closed itself, and going back in and pressing continue breaks the game, the trophy room is locked, all items are gone and the paintings are gone, Lorelai is still outside, and I had nothing in my inventory. So I had to start a new game to progress. Despite the flaws here this still was amazing for a demo. I'm really interested on the release, good luck on development :).