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What a wonderful asset! What are the license types?

Thank you for sharing the best assets! I've used this great set of asset in my game with the "STRINGSTAR FIELDS" asset. I'll show you the results when it's finished. I'll be sure to reveal credit.

(I hope the translator worked well) 

I tried to make the same, but there was a problem. Could you help me?

Oh, I checked that the function works normally on other computers. Maybe it was because it was an old laptop. (It may sound awkward because the translator is running)

If i use light, the game does not work. (I use Windows os)

Thank you for sharing this wonderful asset! I really like these tiles.

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Can i use the item in my game commercially?

Is it commercially available?

Thank you!!

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Could I use this wonderful tile into another maker tool?

Thank you!!

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Hello! I love this tileset. It's very beautiful...

Can I use this tileset with other maker tool?

My English is not good… 

But I would appreciate it if you could answer! thanks!!