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I just noticed V0.0.3a was out, so I gave it a spin.

-The SMG's battery magazines are too symmetrical, to the point where I tried putting one in backwards by accident and wondering why it wouldn't fit! You may want to slightly redesign things so it's more obvious that it only fits one way. The visual indication of ammo remaining is very good, though! It fits the aesthetic and isn't immersion-breaking.

Also related to SMG reloading, I learned the hard way with a security bot closing in that just because it's loaded doesn't mean it'll fire until the rails are popped off with the same stick/trackpad that pops your batteries off! Cue much swearing, death, and a hard lesson learned for later sessions.

Other commenters have mentioned that the SMG ammo is oddly persistent between games, so I'm sure you'll get on that.

-The gun rotation point is more or less where it should be for Oculus Touch, but the guns themselves are still about two or three inches too high in virtual space, throwing off my natural sense of aim yet again.

They're also rather huge in general, such that I'd probably have difficulty gripping real life replicas of the guns to scale as I see them. Word is that the overall world scale perception differs a little between the Rift and Vive, which probably doesn't help matters.

-Gun smoke looks pretty neat already, and it could be a good visual indicator of weapon overheating should you decide to introduce such a mechanic. It's already been suggested as a way to balance out the pistol against the new SMG, which I only break out when there's a security bot or an overwhelming amount of dudes in a small room. Gotta make that ammo count!

-The minimap is a much appreciated addition! It's pretty huge and thus readable, but it also highlights that a Pip-Boy style rendition would need to be either much smaller or holographically projected like Star Citizen mobiGlas.

-Your AI enhancements are no joke in this version; I've actually had soldiers and bots come through doors now, so I can't expect those to silence any chaos on the other side! They don't always come through the doors in the room you just blasted some dudes in, either, so it's like they know how to flank. Keep an ear open - it might just be the thing that keeps you from getting ambushed!

Not only that, but soldiers actually kneel when shooting now, making it unlikely that you can simply duck past their oncoming fire and also forcing you to compensate for that much-needed headshot. Good touch there.

It's made the game much more tense overall, especially during one game when I opened a door out of the starting room and had like four or five guys ALL facing my direction in a long hallway, with the potential to alert even more guys in nearby rooms.

Now let's see what V0.0.4 brings... proper analog stick/trackpad movement, hopefully?

I just went a few rounds in this game, and even in its current simplistic form, it's a lot of fun, mainly because of the fact that you're dealing with slow projectiles you can dance and dodge around rather than hitscan bullets like in most other VR FPSs. It's kinda like Police 911 (Police 24/7 for the PS2 port), but with free movement and a retro aesthetic.

I do have a few suggestions in mind:

-I'm another Oculus Rift + Touch user, and the only beef I have that pertains to that specifically is that the gun's grip angle doesn't really match up to the controller's grip angle. I can compensate for it during gameplay, but it doesn't quite feel right, you know?

For a looser estimate, I'd say that holding the gun level, the grip is angled about 45 degrees up from my hand, the whole thing is shifted about an inch to the left and two inches down from my actual hand position, and of course, the pivot point when rotating my hand does not match up, either.

-I would prefer having typical Onward/Serious Sam VR: TFE/etc. analog stick movement. The grip button is workable for general walking around, but the moment I need to backpedal because there's an enemy right on the other side of the door, it doesn't quite whip around fast enough. No, this mode of movement doesn't make me motion-sick in the slightest, and I have yet to find a preferable alternative.

-Right now, the left hand (or off-hand, really, since these games should be ambidextrous) is just completely invisible, serving no purpose other than an invisible means of locomotion. I'd suggest having some sort of wrist computer (the Pip-Boy in the Fallout titles being one of the most iconic ones) present, serving as both a mini-map (it's easy to get lost in these same-looking blocky rooms!) and an indicator of the player's remaining health. (EKG-ish readout like Blake Stone, perhaps?)

You did mention in a recent comment that looking down now shows your health in 0.0.3/0.0.4, but the currently posted build is clearly a bit behind. No health indicators, no food, no security robots and no quadcopter killdrones.