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Yeah if you are individual developer then poly aesthetics is the best! Let game mechanism be the most shiny characteristics!

Excellent Game! I can see the potential of this cold war era war-thunder-like flight simulator once the physics and graphics are polished. Also this game remind me of the old days back playing Novalogic's F16 MRF on PC. Hope this game could be developed into a bigger one later. 

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Control feels great. 1st person camera movement is great. Keyboard control of throttle is ambiguous, which may better be indicated with percent of output power, e.g. 70% for cruise throttle, 100% for full throttle, 120% for after burst, etc. 

Personally I was hoping a game like Novalogic's F16, MiG29, F22 series, with well designed campaigns (need tactics), reasonable payloads (not just shooting hundreds of missiles), excellent aerodynamics, multiplayer modes, etc. This arcade air-shooting game is fine, but personally speaking I am not the target customer. Good luck!