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Nahid Games - ناهید گیمز

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it a cool concept and has a big potential, but if it had a more responsive jump i would have more fun playing it.

 you can play my game here !

i really liked the idea! the experience was weird and funny!

thank you for playing!

since this was a design contest, i put my time only on main game play. i would surely add some sounds and music later on!

thanks for playing! and you scored really good!

thanks for your nice feedback. I'm completely aware of many many rhing that we didn't have time to do. We lost 3 days and the game is a mess and not polished at all. I'm happy you liked it inspite of all problems!

thanks for playing and leaving a comment! yeah it's somehow confusing, but i guess it would be played better on a mobile in a smaller screen.

this is the most potential game i've seen with 2 buttons, and really well polished! you did a lot in this game! congratulations!

and i love how story and mechanics complete each other!

Thanks for playing and feedback. We should have put "how to play" in game. But we lost a lot of time. Its good to hear you liked it!

thank you for playing! I'm really glad you liked it!

nice idea! great graphics! a little fast , but i liked it. good job!

one point! unreal engine projects takes too much space, not everyone download a 90MB jam game. you may consider it for your next games!

thanks! its super messy. but i'm happy you liked it! i also uploaded the screenshots! ;)

there's a chance that contestants would give low rates to other entries to win the cash.

first, thank you for playing!

1. I know about that, didn't have time to fix and update. (I'm planning on a complete remake, because it doesnt actually have a good map.)

2. You gotta search the room where you got the bra after getting the second flower!

thanks for playing! We're working on new features, collectibles, upgrades and etc. And we made this version long inspite of few features to give time to play.

thanks for your feedback! there's slight chance that a few levels generate less than required buttons, i'm fixing it for the next update!

congrats! it has a nice feel. i really get stressed by those rocks coming! although it gets repetetive after a while... but you made a fully functional game, which you can't find many in game jams! good job!

i liked your game, it's somehow unique! work on more on camera. i feel a little dizzy as i type my comment :D

graphics are really great! but you need to work on a more flexible jump.

everything is done very good! nice job!

it quirks a little when i want to change direction which is not a big deal.

character control feels nice! but it mostly generates impossible levels.

it has a really good idea but it needs to be balanced somehow. snake is too fast at the start. i like it more if i start slow and get faster as i progress.

sorry there was a bug with controller! if you didn't have controller connected it would crash, now its fixed and you can play it.

first i thought it's like spelunky but i experienced something completely new. great graphics and gameplay!

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thanks for all the your positive feedback. actually the crouch thing was intended (kinda like slipping because of your wheely legs :P ) but i guess we have to modify it!

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thanks!but it was a 3 day jam. we would've definitely added secret rooms or a boss fight if we had more time. but if we hear more comments like yours we will work on it more later!

it's really good to hear you liked it! this is our first real game.