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I really enjoyed the game ! Pretty simple and calm, perfect :)

Cool game :D

Thanks for your comment :D

I will try to implement your two ideas (changing the color of the potion wouldn't be so hard but I have never done any drag and drop system :|). Thanks again :)

Nice game :D


  • Added whiteknights, they appear between each 3 or 7 minutes, you can pay them a tax or fight them
  • You now have power, whith big power you can kill whiteknights easier
  • If you pay tax you loose 15% of your golds
  • If you fight them and win you win 15% of your golds
  • If you fight them and loose you loose 30% of your gols and a random minion
  • Added forge, it cost 200golds, and you unlock weapons in the shop
  • Added sword, spear and hammer
  • Added a menu for altar, you can now choose who will die
  • Correct bugs


Thanks a lot for your return :)

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Thank you very much for your comment I correct this :)

I think you're going to be disappointed because the graphics are very ugly and the gameplay is for the moment very simple and empty. But I have some ideas to improve it.

edit: problem normally solved (i hope :D)

New update:

  • Added menu
  • Some bugs have been corrected


  • Help menu section
  • Other buildings
  • Other objects
  • Other gameplay mechanics
  • Introduction


Wow your game is beautiful :D and it is not easy to get 100% of war efforts (i finish the game in ~15minutes i think). Good job :)

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Sorry I had not noticed thanks for the info , this will be corrected :)

EDIT: I have a problem with Love2D / some colors are different and i don't know how to change that. The game will in black & white sorry :(

New update:
- Some bugs have been corrected
- Shop interface updated
- Main interface updated
- Added magic potion (cost 25Golds and restore minions life)

- Tutorial
- Save game
- More objects
- More buildings

INFO: At the next update the game should be accessed in beta


New shop interface:

Little Update:

- Mine now reduces the time interval between each delivery of money

- When minions health is equal to 0 a random minion die

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New Updates:
- Added Orqs, Ogres, Dragons, they earn more money than goblins
- Added power, higher the level of the power is, more golds the minions will earned when you hit them


- Remake shop interface (split in categories)
- Magic potions that regenerate servants life
- Tutorial

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- You can now buy a mine, this mine increase the amount of golds earned by goblins
- You can now buy an altar, you can use this altar by clicking on it, each time you click on it you sacrifice one goblins but you increase the amount of other goblins life
- Each of this objects have a level, higher the level is, more powerful the effects are

- Magic potions that regenerate goblins life
- ....

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I change the color of the text and the images (the images was not very clear)

edit: screen with the new colors ->

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Domination Of Chaos is a simple 1BIT clicker where you play as a necromancer who want to have a big tower.
To reach this objective, you have goblins at your services. They produces gold. You can hit them for increase the production. But warning ! If you hit them too much you will kill them ! With the gold you earn you can buy another goblins, or amelorations. You can also buy piece of tower. The aim of the game is buy the 6 pieces of the tower.

Actual version:
- Goblins earn money
- You can buy goblins & pieces of tower
- You can hit goblins
- Goblins die if you hit them too much


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I won :O Beautiful game ! Good job guys ;)