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It looks very good. Graphics are nice, especially characters and animations. Sound effects are immersive.

Few things in mind : 

  • Cover is not enough clear sometimes.
  • Missed shots could bounce on walls with effects and/or destroy pieces of environment.

Well done on this and good luck for the remaining work. Blasting vermin feels satisfacting !

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Hy, the simple and straightforward pixel art graphics are really good, old school and smooth, like the 1990's. And the gameplay is promising.

Will you add walkable walls that infantry can't destroy ? This feature is missing in most games. Some of them that include it are awesome, like Stronghold or Civilizations ar War. I thought trying to make a prototype once, but never got time for.

It will require to implement pathfinding solutions and tweak ai targeting and taking decisions. Some work !

This would be a great addition ! Please, consider.

Thank you ! I took a look at Einhander, it's a great game. I didn't know about it, though I played a lot on Playstation when younger.

Hi you are the first to make a video on one of my game, thank you ! It's fun to see others playing and testing.

Glad you found it cool ! Development will continue this summer.

Metrocity Escape

A short prototype of an upcoming game, fast paced side scroller, mixing racing and shooter. Development will start this summer 2019.

The story will be based on the fate of a poor hive city inhabitant, that must escape his own planet to flee a criminal organization and police forces.

Features :

  • Fly many hover cars through futuristic highways
  • Experience traffic jam, pirates and police hunts
  • Jump from car to car wearing your gun and firing upon foes
  • Try to not get blasted or fall in the city
  • Refuel and repair at waystations and get bonuses and allies
  • Go as far as you can, for this prototype has only one level, and it's endless


Upcoming features :

  • Four regular levels and a final one
  • More bonuses
  • More cars
  • Different weapons for the player to wear and to be mounted on vehicles

Play Metrocity Escape prototype on

Hi, it looks great. Good pixel art and clean UI, promising. Good luck. !


- New screen to manage allies.

- Allies life bars added when giving order.

The version 03 is out with many features such as character screen with inventory to store the new items in the game, spells scrolls to throw fire balls and lightnings. You now gain stat points to spend in characteristics to improve your barbarian, learn fighting techniques from masters. There are also magical weapons to be found in dungeons and new encounters, the Lizardmen !

Here is another video showing gameplay of monsters invasions in tavern and ritual battlefield where barbarians fight each other for blessings of the gods.

Game has reached version 02 !

Hello Melerski,

There is now a demo available and the game has been updated to alpha 02.

Hope you'll enjoy it !

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Join the forever fighting Barbarians and try to become the strongest, the fiercest, the ultimate !

Ultimate Barbarian page on

- Action game with Roguelike and RPG elements

- Drawn map with locations to go

- Main quest to follow, with an unreachable final boss

- Side quests to gain gold

- Procedural dungeons to explore

- 2 players local coop and up to 4 coming

- Full gamepad support (recommanded for better experience)

- Hard enemies !

- Blood and beheading !

- Audio effects made with the mouth !

- Possible glitchs that may melt you computer and throw fireworks from nowhere, detroying your house !

This game is under development and many features will be added to increase the feeling of an old school and brutal game.

Hoping it will please everyone and waiting for comments adn suggestions !