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- New screen to manage allies.

- Allies life bars added when giving order.

The version 03 is out with many features such as character screen with inventory to store the new items in the game, spells scrolls to throw fire balls and lightnings. You now gain stat points to spend in characteristics to improve your barbarian, learn fighting techniques from masters. There are also magical weapons to be found in dungeons and new encounters, the Lizardmen !

Here is another video showing gameplay of monsters invasions in tavern and ritual battlefield where barbarians fight each other for blessings of the gods.

Game has reached version 02 !

Hello Melerski,

There is now a demo available and the game has been updated to alpha 02.

Hope you'll enjoy it !

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Join the forever fighting Barbarians and try to become the strongest, the fiercest, the ultimate !

Ultimate Barbarian page on itch.io

- Action game with Roguelike and RPG elements

- Drawn map with locations to go

- Main quest to follow, with an unreachable final boss

- Side quests to gain gold

- Procedural dungeons to explore

- 2 players local coop and up to 4 coming

- Full gamepad support (recommanded for better experience)

- Hard enemies !

- Blood and beheading !

- Audio effects made with the mouth !

- Possible glitchs that may melt you computer and throw fireworks from nowhere, detroying your house !

This game is under development and many features will be added to increase the feeling of an old school and brutal game.

Hoping it will please everyone and waiting for comments adn suggestions !