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Thanks you for the suggestion and noted ;)

extract zip, and then play.exe for windows version

more turrets, maps, and troops for today update :)

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Attack on Toys Update #1.07 'Kitchen Invasion' - NOW AVAILABLE:

try to redownload it from via browser

appreciate the help, will post/let you know if the game need any language translate in the future :)

the game doesn't has a Discord for now

awesome, really glad you've enjoyed the game :)

sadly no :") you need vr to play this game

this game is for pc

Armed & Loaded is a Virtual Reality Arcade Shooter. Explore & Survive from Horde of Robots!. You're inside a simulation of a simulation with task to invade outisde of Robot Factory before the real event. Player only has 3 HP each round.

Disclaimer: Armed & Loaded is a School Project just like our other game Attack on Toys. But we don't have any intention to update the game so this game might not get any update in the future.

We hope you enjoyed the game :) recommended to use HTC Vive VR for best experience in the simulation

can i know, How many GB RAM your PC has?

Allright, it's about limited view angle of mouse player right? will get it fixed on next update. Thanks you :)

when did this occur?

Thanks you for the suggestion, would love to add D-DAY Map, were thinking to make it too. Probably in next year :)

we probably make mobile version of this game or other smiliar game, but right now we focus on pc platform only because we want to give best experience at pc platform  :)

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Attack on Toys Update #1.04 'MULTIPLAYER' + UPDATE

yes, it's Unity

Working on it! :)

Try to unblock the .exe with properties

will add sprint in the next update ;)

Ctrl+C to cheat money

Thanks for the feedback, will patch some of the bugs in next update

The game will always be free, if the game released on Steam probably it will be free too :)

Thanks for the feedback! Will try to check&fix it in the next update ;)

Thanks you for notfying me :). i will try to rebuild it soon for Mac & Linux on Unity

For now it changed to Windows only