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New build is now on there now, like I mentioned there's more content in the new build, you're welcome to give it a try again. I'll let you in on a little secret, anytime when your playing and not in the menus, just type "tqdebug" that will allow debug mode for you to access all of the content and may fix any issues you run into too. :)

Hey, I really appreciate the play test, I see a lot of value in your post that I can take an account for. Upon reading this I didn't realize that this is a much older build than my current recent build version (2 Months older at that!) 

My current build is much too large for's 1GB limit cap, so I'm working on getting it on here.

I had taken the recent build to a gaming convention so it has been much more polished and much more has been added than what you have played, which includes new climbing animations.

That being said your feed back is still valuable to this build as well.

I know Keyboard and mouse is compatible but It's strongly advised for using a controller via PC, it feels way less clumsy. 

Development is on hold at the moment where I had taken a break from a 10 month straight work period on this game and worked on a 2D bullet chaos shooter.

It was great talking to you Yelsavick, Thank you.

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already submitted the game thanks :)

Thank you! i’ve only started game developing two years ago. I started designing UI in photoshop as a hobby years back even before I went to school, passion for it led me to game development. 

I’m very glad I’m able to have people try out the game I was having difficulties doing so and a friend led me to this site.  I’m not sure what the world game development championship is but it sounds epic! I’d love to take part! 😁