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A member registered Jul 09, 2015

Recent community posts

Definitely a fun srpg and surprisingly fluid control. I would play the game if it's finished. It really pay homage to the genre.

However, I find the representation a bit lacking. It took me awhile to realize they are actually hp blocks. Imo, the top left "party stats" should have shown the hp so i don't have to hover to individual.

Really like the game. Need more floor texture imo because it feel bland. I feel like there's need to be reset level button without the need to suicide in case the character get stuck. I stopped at second level because i couldn't finish the puzzle. The puzzle difficulty progression is a bit weird for e.g the block that fall off the cliff after getting blown by fan and respawn on higher platform. If it's intended design for the player to figure it out themselves, i hope there's reset button to quickly get to the beginning of puzzle.

The visual took time to get accustomed too but it's not that big deal. However, when stuffs overlap, it's hard to know what's going on for e.g there's a room with lots of slime, golds, furniture, projectile shooting monster and spikes. Spike couldn't be noticed unless i take a close look at the hp bar. Receiving damage "juice" should be improved too. The light doesn't turn as fast in the corner so if there's enemy waiting it would be disastrous.

It's pretty fun if you know what's going on.

Personal preference: i feel slime shouldn't bleed. Shouldn't they explode in gooey form?