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Thank you.

I’m glad you enjoyed the core mechanic. Time ran out before we could export the build with the win state after level 2.

Same here.

An unexpected concept, I like it!

I really like the idea of the player looping to the other side of the level, a mechanic like this adds to the underlying story within the game. Thank you for your feedback.

I love the color choices and atmosphere in this one!

Yeah, we only realized it after the fact that improvement could've been made on that mechanic. Thanks for playing.

Thank you!

We actually based our game on a scene from the volume 3 trailer of Love Death + Robots.

Yeah, we were thinking of making the vacuum tank on the player is progress bar of how full it was (kind of like the ink tank in Splatoon), but we ran out of time. Thank you for playing.

Thank you. Unfortunately, time got the best of us so we couldn't implement vacuum sounds and the win state of the game.

I love how the game looks, but the collisions were getting in the way of solving the puzzles.

I definitely agree with Boxfriend. The art and animations are great, wished to see more enemies spawn after I defeated the first one.

Thank you! It's great to see that my game spooked someone.

The game should have auto detect settings while you were in the main menu. But then again, there were over 1k meshes in the level.


I don't mind a longer jam, though >2 weeks is a bit too long in my opinion.

Read the game page for the controls on how to play the game.

I was expecting a comment like this, my toaster is able to run this at a solid 30 FPS but then I added the skybox and that quickly decreased to 20 FPS... Next time I look more into optimization and changeable graphics settings. 

They're not dead, its more like they're ALMOST dead. There's a big difference between the two.


I've noticed that there is what I believe to be a bug where the player gets stuck in a block, other than that, this game is quite fun.