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I almost missed this comment, I wasn't notified about if for some reason. Sorry for the late reply!

Subtitles are definitely something I've been thinking about, since the game relies on audio quite a bit. I'm not quite sure how to implement them (Since the direction sounds are coming from is just as important as hearing the sounds themselves, so I've been thinking of ways to show where sounds come from as well as what sounds are playing), but I'll definitely look into it if I update the game again. I can't make any guarantees I'll get subtitles in, of course, but it's definitely something I'd love to be able to do if I can figure it out! Would be a good learning experience for me, too!

Good guess. :P

Thanks for playing! I love how you had Baldi going back and forth around that desk, haha!

It's weird?!?! Well that's all I need to know to call it a success! :P Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback, and for pushing through to the end! I'm glad you liked the theme, it was a lot of fun for me to be able to just go crazy creating all of these terrible assets and seeing how they ended up, haha. For the record... I haven't actually beat the game yet. :P I know how hard and unfair it is, haha. I kind of enjoy that, but I understand it's not for everybody. If I ever update the game again though I'll definitely do more balancing. When designing the game, I definitely knew the horror aspect would wear out fast, so I aimed to create a game more focused on strategy and gameplay, but of course I missed the mark in a lot of ways! Mainly in the difficulty, of course. Since I was in a rush to finish the game for the game jam, I didn't have any time to do any proper balancing so I had to either A) Make the game really easy, or B) Make the game really hard, and I decided to go with the latter, for better or worse (And then of course I released multiple updates afterwards, each one pretty much making the game easier in one way or another; I'm pretty sure the initial release is literally impossible, actually. :P). One thing I will point out is that Baldi doesn't know where you are at all times; If he sees you he'll come towards the last place he saw you, if you open a door he'll head towards that door, and if you get detention he'll head towards detention. If he reaches one of these points and then doesn't hear or see the player, he starts wandering randomly (Which means it's very possible you'll get unlucky and he'll just randomly wander towards you, definitely a design flaw. If I ever update again Baldi's AI is definitely something I'll put some more thought into). The tape or phone will prevent him from hearing doors or detention (And I should probably extend the amount of time these devices are active). Oh, and sorry about the ending! I knew it would be disappointing, but I was running out of time, and I figured it was kind of fitting since terrible edutainment games often have super lame endings (See the ending of I. M. Meen, for example).

Overall, this was more of a learning experience and experiment than anything else, and I certainly learned a lot! Once I get started on more serious projects I'm glad I'll have lessons learned from this that I can apply. Thanks again for your feedback and for the video!

Thanks for playing! If you ever want to come back to it, be sure to download the latest version. I've made tons of bug fixes and improvements since the initial release.

Nice concept, and you used it in some really creative ways too, good job!

Why not?!?! :P

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll definitely look into some of these! I was planning on doing lower quality audio for some characters and sounds, but I couldn't quite figure out how I wanted them to sound and just sort of forgot about it. There is some distortion for a couple of voices already though. Playtime, obviously, and Principal of the Thing actually has a high-pitch squeal in the background of his recordings, similar to what you could hear in some old games. It's pretty hard to notice though. I definitely intended to add more sound effects too, which I'll probably include in future updates. I've already considered MIDI/Synth sounds! I'll look into those voice synths too, thanks for the info! If I ever add more characters something like that could work great for one of them.

And thank you so much for noticing the smoothness! I had no idea about that, but just checked how it affects the textures and it looks a lot better now!

That's cool! Strange that it works on a 2011 Macbook Air, but not on my PC, maybe it has something to do with the OS... but I honestly have no idea.

This was pretty good! The ending was a little anti-climactic, but I dug the super optimistic message. The graphics were also really nice. One tip though. In game design, never (Unless the game's mechanic is specifically designed around it) make actions delayed. If the drone levels had been much harder, I think the delayed shooting would have driven me insane! I think fixing that would really improve those sections.

Overall though, good jorb!

I've got a Toshiba Satellite L75D-A. I think it's from around 2013. I have 8 gigs of RAM and an AMD-A4-5000 (1.50 GHz) video card.

So basically, it's not a gaming PC! :P

This is one of the first games I wanted to try out! Kind of boring, but I guess that's the point. :P It was pretty fun to show my friend without telling him what the joke was though! I got to night 8, too. I'm guessing that it's just a test room you threw in there as an Easter egg? Overall really nice, and I actually got scared when Tom was mentioned. The description says the robots never get you, it didn't say anything about humans!

Oh, and I actually died on my first attempt on night 7 (I just ran up to the robot thinking the joke would continue and that I wouldn't actually die. :P). When the menu came up after that, I couldn't select any of the options, meaning I couldn't restart or anything. Just thought I'd let you know!


This is really cool! I actually had a similar idea, but ended up going with something else for the jam. You executed it way better than I could have anyways! I haven't managed to beat Jump Man (yet), so I haven't seen the bonus game, but the other two games are very nice! I do wish you could control both characters at the same time though, as others have mentioned. Would be a lot of fun as a co-op multiplayer game. Another suggestion would be making it so you have to press B to regenerate your shield in the space shooter game; that way you wouldn't just be able to have the one guy stand on the A button the entire time.

Overall, really cool concept executed really well!

From a gameplay perspective, this is my favorite game of the Jam that I've tried so far! Really fun, looks and sounds great, and a good challenge. The humor is a nice touch too! Sadly, the game ran way too slow on my PC once I reached the rain level. I would love an option to disable the particle effects so I could finish this!

Really good humor, and as someone who loves glitches the glitch effects were a nice touch too. My only complaint would be that it's too easy to accidentally skip text since the arrow keys skip as well as the other keys. 

Made me say "oh."

I'll say this, I much prefer a short, simple joke game like this than a long, drawn out and often boring joke game like some of the other entries I've played (Not that they're bad, mind you)! 10/10 would show to a friend.

Well, I enjoy the difficulty, but sometimes the blue cars completely block your path, making a level impossible until you restart, and as was mentioned by another user the police cars are impossible to avoid. I liked the concept though, and I thought the over-the-top terrible traffic was funny too!

This was a neat little concept, although I wish you weren't able to just keep moving from room to room without ever having to do anything. Perhaps you could have made locked folders that can only be accessed by defeating an enemy with a key or something? Good job overall though, really unique!

Yeah, I know the ending is pretty lame, but I went with it for two reasons:

1) I was running out of time and didn't have any idea what to make the ending, so I had to make something simple, and 2) I figured it would fit the theme of a terrible edutainment game (See the ending of I.M. Meen for example).

That's really weird... As far as I know no one else except for one guy who uploaded a gameplay video is having that problem. I can't think of anything that could be causing it either, there aren't any textures like that in the game...

What?! That can't be! My game doesn't have any water!!!

Awesome job! I especially like how you used Arts and Crafters to your advantage! Now see if you can beat it while also getting all the problems wrong!!

...lol no, that actually is impossible.

Thanks for playing!

Hey all, so yeah, the latest update still didn't fix the BSODA issue, I'm so sorry about that. I think I've finally gotten it fixed, but I'll be a doing a bit more testing tonight before uploading the (hopefully final, at least for a while) update. If all the testing goes well, expect the fix tonight. Again, sorry for messing up the BSODA so bad!

Have you reached all 4 exits in one game?..

I'm so, so sorry. :P

Btw, is BSODA working properly for you now? My cousin is saying it still isn't working right, but it seems fine on my PC. I'm wondering if it's an issue that's only present on more powerful PC's.

This was really cool! I love the aesthetics, and it really messed with my head. Best of all was the "what the heck is happening?!?!" ending though, I'm a sucker for that kind of thing!

If I had any criticism it would probably just be that there shouldn't be a run button, the player should just run by default since there's never any reason to not run. That's a very minor complaint though!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed the madness! :P

Super close! ...but there are more exits to find. I'm sorry for being so evil. :P

Well, I finished! Nice game all around, although I'll be honest, the ending left me wanting a bit more, mainly because I thought there was going to be a final world with one more symbol (the center one) after getting the others. I actually quickly replayed the game after beating it thinking there was going to be a secret ending for doing it again! :P Other than that, I really enjoyed it!

Thanks, glad you liked it, and I'm glad to hear I did a good job on the theme, too! Just released version 1.2 so if you ever decide to play again, be sure to get that version.

Thanks for the suggestions, but honestly none of that really fits what I'm going for. Really, Baldi's only motive is that cheap 3D edutainment from the 90's is creepy. :P

Thanks! The hardest part about making this game has definitely been balancing the difficulty. While I do want the game to be pretty challenging, the thing that I'm having the most trouble with is figuring out how to teach players how things work without just straight up telling them. Like, I had to put the "I get angrier for every problem you get wrong" and "I hear every door you open" messages since people didn't seem to notice that getting problems wrong made Baldi faster or that opening doors attracted Baldi's attention.

You can't really hide from Baldi, but that's by design. Instead you need to try to mislead him by opening doors to places you aren't going, or getting far enough away so that once he reaches the last place he saw you, he still can't see you. If you can get Baldi in a situation like this, where he reaches his current destination, but can't see or hear you once he gets there, he is forced to wander randomly, giving you a chance to rest or try to get away as far as possible. Just keep in mind that if he sees you, that takes priority over any sounds he hears.

Also, yes, you're forced to get the last question of each notebook wrong in order to make Baldi faster each notebook. It would be no fun if you could just get all the answers right and Baldi wouldn't get any faster! :P

Ah thanks, guess I'm going back to school!

Really enjoyed this, except I can't find the last symbol! I've only found one in the school and one in the weird house/furniture store place, is there a second in one of those places? Normally I don't like getting hints, but I really want to finish this so I can  rate it!

I really enjoyed the TVs and the other cool meta stuff, and I gotta ask, did Myst influence you at all when making this? The beginning is super similar to the beginning of Myst!

Yeah, but it works best in hallways, otherwise he often gets stuck on an object and then can't move back further. One thing worth mentioning though is that the BSODA allows for some movement, just slowed down, which does allow NPCs to slowly trudge through it, but I might get rid of that in the future. So, as of right now, it's more effective on Baldi when he is slower.

Funny game, I especially love how you acknowledge when the player breaks the game by running up the hill to the left! If I had any criticisms, I'd say it's too slow. Mainly the intro, I think that could have been significantly shorter. I didn't have any problems with the mushrooms though!

Fun fact: I originally planned on making the player have to jump 10 times before escaping. I quickly realized that was too much! Thanks for playing!

Thanks, glad to hear it's actually scary! :P