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Mystic Ame

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I like this game and would love to see more like it

I had some problems with falling into water however,

the first time  fell off the bridge into the water and I was respawned in an endless loop of falling into the water.

the second time I fell off the cliff an landed on the rock at the bottom,  couldn't get away from this place then because the only way to go was into the sea and be respawned back at the bottom of the cliff.

They do make the machine create gold eventually, then it gives some gold each night.

Simple but super fun, hope to see more in the future :>

Really like this game <3

Would love for a way to speed up trying different options on later plays

Loved this very cute and relatable game <3 Very happy to see more of these characters.

Fun demo, being able to catch cute girls to fight for you is a wonderful idea, I look forward to seeing more of this game :)

Very cute, loved the characters and art, I look forward to seeing more :)