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Just look at the talent and skills!

Great job!

I love the idea and the mechanics. Lovely sound track.

Great work!

I had never seen more 1s before! Funny idea Tim.

Thank you for the post. I'm super glad that you enjoyed it.

Very well. I Will Definitely keep that in mind. Thank you so much. 

Thank you Doulos for playing my game. I have received this feedback about the movement. In future I might change the rotating to a normal movement behaviour and make the heart look like a person running around. 
I hope to see you try the new updates of the game as I will be trying to expand it.
Thanks again.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback.

I love this game! :D

I'm very happy to see that you've enjoyed this game. Unfortunately ,currently I am not planning to develop this game any further. Thanks for playing my game Tragicmiraclecollection!

You are a curious person :) . I do know I should have spent more time on designing the levels and the change of colours mean that they are damaged. When your health is low, your adrenaline goes high and you turn into "Beast Mode", and then you damage more and you move faster.

After all, I hope you enjoyed :)

 - MysteryStudio

Thank you so much for your comment. I'm hoping to develop this game further. If you have any ideas about what I can add or what I should remove let me know. :) 

850, The music fits the game. Nice job!

Thank you very much for your comment. I hope you enjoyed it and yes I will be developing this game further. I'll make sure I'll expand the settings for sounds too. Thanks again.

I Love the art and the music, with the design, maybe begin the game differently so the player can experiment with the movement first before start attacking. 


Wow this is amazing!! 

Man you should continue with this project, I just LOVE it

OMG I love this game

Yes I loved it

Thanks, Hope you liked it

That's kind of a high score you know, To get around my score you have to build the game from ground up xD

Yeah I think I made it too hard, I hope you enjoyed. 

Thank you for your reply, I might as well do that. Hope you enjoyed. Good luck

I loved the background music.

I got very serious with I what I was playing hhh. Nice game

I had fun, But the character moves way too fast. But overall it was a great game. thanks for making it.

Thank you for telling me

Thanks, Hope you enjoyed

Thank you very much. It was Helpful

I loved the game. I really enjoyed it and I like the way things works. I reborn as a shunk.  

Thank you for playing. That "Water" was not actually water it was a blue flame and it could walk on other flames without getting hurt. Yes I know I made the last level too hard. If I went to developing this game further for sure I would change that. Thanks for playing. Hope you enjoyed.

Glad you enjoyed The "Challenge"

It was Fun!I enjoyed playing the game. Wow

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed

Enjoy :D

Thank you for playing
Hope you enjoyed

Yeah thanks it was my first time hhh sorry. 

Next time I'll make sure every thing is good to go .

thank you 

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Hello. I was hoping that you would download this game and as well as enjoying it, give me some advises or features that I may add.



I hope you enjoy this Game I made.

Beat 500 scores if you can.

Have fun :D