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2 Episodes right now. Story mode will have 5 bosses, and a final boss for each path.

Thanks! :P I have the next 3 episodes planned, and the story mode, after I finish Undertale Yellow :P

I'm leaving the engine closed source, as I'm going to eventually be using it commercially for my own projects, so most likely no.

Thanks :P

Good :P

Hey, so I have some questions to ask, if you don't mind, to improve the game:

1.Is the framerate dipping down at all in the game? I've gotten some feedback about the framerate, and tried to reduce it, then tested it on a potato, with no noticeable lag.

2. How difficult was the fight? I'm probably gonna be adding in a patch to add warning signals of where the projectiles are gonna go in the future.

Thanks for the feedback though, always appreciated :P

I also updated the game with Episode 2, so if you wanna try that out, you can as well :D

First Playthrough! Thanks! :D