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i know this is old, but i got to say it, who and the heck likes credits

If it says there's another program runing from the file

any idea how to fix it? :)

Thank you too, i enjoyed it

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i looked in to it and it says i don't have api-ms-win-crt-math-l1-1-0.dll What should i do?

I'm confused i hit the launch button and it try's to open but nothing happens it even say's i've played the game? Any idea's?

i've never had this problom with anyother game, also seen mark play the game and look's real fun

I did as you said and tried windowing the game and it worked the game is not throwing the textures on the screen, okay so a screen shot would not work because (i may have already said this in my last comment) it only happens when i move the camera, i'll see what else i can find, Thank's

the Laptop i'm useing is new, and i don't know how to take screen shots or videos,

i like the game but i cant play it because theres a bug i think were when the camra move's all the texteres fly in the screen and makes it really hard to see what is happening, i would like to see this fixed for the demo so i can see  for my self what the game will be like! :)