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I am stuck.I dont know if it is a bug but when I finish the tower,then I talk to Mike and then to the INN to the bar and came back to the bed and nothing happens. Pls i need some guidence ty very much.

I love the game and the story really good. Have a nice day.

Follow his Patron the free update, is there. He doesnt put here the update anymore I guess

I have trouble with the sex scene like the game is running good but some scene like only the NPCs and the slime is not working for me. But in rest is really good and your Hard work pays it off. Keep going and ignore those bad comments, they are just jealous for not creating a amazing game like yours :)

Have a nice day and Good Work you earn a good support by my part and others people who enjoy this game :D

Hi DyneWulf, do you have some walkthrough about every route of the game