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If there's any updates, I'll be sure to want to play them! I need to save all of these adorable little cuties, I need to protect them! ;w; 

Aaah! This is so cute, the robots are ADORABLE!! 


I so want to know what happens next, gaaah!! 

I've barely even begun, I'm just setting up my character but allow me to share a little reaction of mine 

Me: Mmmm sister. No, you know what, sibling. yes, they/them. Awesome. Lesgo. 

Leo: that one is (insert pronouns) 
Me: Wait... 
Me: (cautiously clicks through pronouns) 
Me: Oh my gosh... you can be a sister AND have they/them pronouns?! 

BRB, going to set up the nonbinary sister and save their sibling. Thank you so much for including this :) 

Take the gift in the glovebox. Don't forget to hug dad! (IDK what this actually does but I did do it because I felt bad for him lol) 

So after you get the flashlight, which you find by following the light in the beginning of the game (when you first enter the house), you should go downstairs. There, without spoilers, something will happen and a closet will reveal itself. The broom is in the closet.

Ok after my last comment I have confirmed it. Buying back my stuff (Soil, Rocks, ETC) that I have sold in the shop eats all my money and does NOT give me back my stuff that I paid for... 

(2 edits)

Hmm, so every time I rebuy all my stuff, it doesn't seem to actually give me anything back >.< I might be missing something, I just don't notice anything changing. The button turns grey, but that's it. 

EDIT: Ok, so my money goes down, I have it on 100 percent, maybe I'm just an idiot because I think I don't 'notice anything' because... I can't afford to buy a lot. So sorry. 

EDIT 2: Yeah no, I'm a little sure that it's still not doing anything at times.... except taking my money. Not sure, but it *SEEMS* like it which is a bummer. 

I followed this and won with like, four days over and on my first playthrough ^^ Thank you :D 

Ugh, I saw that. I had Roblox before I had Itch Io and now I'm slowly starting to reconsider where all of those 'awesome games' come from. specially where they are, ah, inspired from so to speak :/

Very fun game, I really like it and I'm going to keep it on my laptop eagerly awaiting upgrades :D I am really invested in this and it's a shame it had to end so soon, but it's very fun already :) 

Ah, alright thanks for the answer :) I hope they're having fun at least LOL 

Is there anything I can do to stop looping in the shop or will my character continue to browse and find nothing until their next option? No hate, just genuinely curious :D 

IDK how to set stuff down, so I was just casually holding a rubix cube the whole time. Even as I was swept away, I still clung onto my COMFORT. 

Great job at making me uneasy, that was great. Fun fact: I didn't recognize the picture of my digital pet. I was like 'Aww that's so cute :) Wait.... that looks familiar... OH SHOOT IT'S MY DIGITAL PET-'

But the way you sorta manipulate people into doing stuff and getting uncomfortable? Certain aspects of the surroundings? Amazing. 

I loved it!! My favorite was Morgan's art ^^ 

Wait, what is it supposed to do? I just played the game entirely with the options, no voice recognition needed ^^' I don't talk in mics though, so that could just be me djdjdjd

Ah, I see! I thought I was doing something wrong, LOL. Also I just got the jumpscare of my LIFE ghghg. Good job! Someone was actually near me when I played, didn't even see the jumpscare but heard it and also got jumpscared LOL, especially when I showed them what had jumped out. 

(Slight spoiler!) 

Also the plushie is so interesting. Right before the jumpscare, I noticed it was missing and I was like ''Wait- ... well this isn't good!'' Turned around and BOOM.

If there are updates, I'll definitely play again :D Short game, but very very well done ^^ 

My game keeps getting stuck at the third day, showing how much followers I have and I can't move on >.< Am I doing something wrong? 

Is it possible to click the incident reports or the messages on your inbox? I'm all for lore! 

I can't open the game. Here's a copy of what it says. 


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/script.rpy", line 54, in script

    init python:

  File "game/script.rpy", line 81, in <module>

    usergeoip = aimlbot.fetch_geolocation()

ValueError: No JSON object could be decoded

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "game/script.rpy", line 54, in script

    init python:

  File "C:\Users\Nina\OneDrive\Bureaublad\Schwatz-0.5-pc\renpy\", line 881, in execute

    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,

  File "C:\Users\Nina\OneDrive\Bureaublad\Schwatz-0.5-pc\renpy\", line 1913, in py_exec_bytecode

    exec bytecode in globals, locals

  File "game/script.rpy", line 81, in <module>

    usergeoip = aimlbot.fetch_geolocation()

  File "python-packages/", line 704, in fetch_geolocation

  File "python-packages/", line 144, in get_zci

  File "python-packages/", line 55, in query

  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/json/", line 338, in loads

  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/json/", line 366, in decode

  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/json/", line 384, in raw_decode

ValueError: No JSON object could be decoded



Schwatz 0.5

Sat Apr 15 10:40:29 2023


Ah, I'm kind of glad I didn't do anything then because I could not have handled him dying.... that being said will it change the time on my computer too? I'll have no idea how to turn it back LOL 
Thank you so, so much tho ^^ It really means a lot. I just can't 'time travel' if it actually changes the time on my device because if I do then my Disney Dreamlight Valley breaks and I'll have to start over :') 

Hi! So sorry for the bother :') This game, believe it or not, is one of my special interests LOL 

~Gotcha, I thought either something went wrong, my laptop was being stupid or I did something wrong (I thought the last one was the most likely since I'm absolutely terrible with technology LOL) but it's good to know that that is indeed the downloaded version! I only mentioned the saves to convince myself 'yup this is totally the downloaded version, otherwise my saves would still be there!' haha! 
~The choice panel is only when I play via the downloaded version, but I'll see what I can do! (Cuz again, terrible with technology!) I will first try to see if I can access Chrome and if the choice panel is fixed, if it is then I'll leave a little comment that it's all good and if it isn't I'll follow your instructions ^^ hope that is okay!! 
~That does help, thank you! My player character stepped out of the Progenitor and I heard a click and I was like  '....wait just that? Where's the woosh? Where's the dramatic sloshing of liquid vanishing?' LOL. I thought 'there must've been an update to edit sounds' but turns out there isn't ^^ I have noticed that if I go to another area, the music fixes itself usually. Thing is, when I go inside with the first Quartz Chip, and I 'Trudge along the ruins' then go inside, the ruin music still plays with wind and all, so that's why it stood out to me. But there are indeed little ways to fix this, so thank you for telling me those :D 
~Huh, that's good to know. I guess it's just a coincidence then, because I've never, ever had bioregenaration before I had the update. It only triggered and healed me in exploration and combat after I got the update for 40 Microchips and I didn't get that one yet, so I was like 'woah, what is happening here?! Since when do I heal-' but it's good to know it's the plant bits ^^ I genuinely think the forms and different reactions/benefits are so cool tho :D 

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my rambles, and terribly sorry for my rambles at the same time!! I still have to find the time to sit down and play through all the new scenes, but one day... one day I will! 
I swear, you could put this game down for money and I'd buy it, I love it so much. I genuinely can't wait to see more IF there's gonna be more ^^ I hope you have a wonderful awesome day!! 

(2 edits)

Hi! I downloaded the game. Is it meant to take me to an internet explorer page with the game? I don't personally see how it's different from the web version since it's still on the web, but none of my saves are there anymore so I'm pretty sure that it is different ^^ sorry for the silly question!!

EDIT: Seems the art is also covered by the choice panel thingy (a lot of it is just black and then hovering in it are the choice buttons, so a big black bar is at the bottom of the screen) and the only way to get it out is to zoom fully out but then I can't read the text anymore. I'm so sorry for all the messages gaaaah I'm genuinely loving the game I hope this does not come across as some complaining saga cuz it's NOT. Just me trying to figure out if my laptop is broken or if I'm doing something wrong but if I'm not then this is really cool :D - so sorry tho. I love this game ^^ 

(1 edit)


I feel like the sounds have changed since the last time I played. And I played after the lastest update. The Progenitor door feels a little... off, lacking of sound. Base camp doesn't have the lighthearted music either, but idk... Just remember it not being like that the first time I played after the update. 

Now that I think of it, I've restarted the game multiple times due to experiencing sound glitches. Sounds play wrong, or snippets of songs play. Such as the crashing sound, it's like someone spamming pause and play on a movie. The music from one place carries over to another place and if I try to fix it, there's no music anymore at all. 

HOWEVER... And I want to make this clear... It could just be the fact that my laptop is falling apart, which is what I suspect, to be honest. 

EDIT: Okay I feel like there's definitely something going on. I have just begun a new playthrough, not a SINGLE upgrade. Yet, I heal in the midst of battle... I don't think that should be possible, right? I have NOT had the Bioregenaration update yet, so I should NOT be regenerating...? I'm .. very confused :') 
I hope my message doesn't sound rude! 

I wish I had the time and energy for a full playthrough with all the new scenes added again but I have not gotten there yet :') Someday I am going to see all of these scenes. 

I honestly can't wait for the next update(s) if they're coming. Chain events, that you mentioned, if you're still working on that, sound awesome. I just can't wait to see what becomes of this game. Whatever becomes of it, I know I'll be playing it for as long as it goes :D 

Ah no worries sorry again for all the comments. Unfortunately, my laptop is falling apart and I had to work on making some space >.< Terribly sorry >.< All in all tho, it's a very interesting game and I'm still curious where the story is going. 
One day, maybe one day.... ... But for now I gotta take care of my laptop :'D so that it doesn't die on me :'D 

Terribly sorry again but thank you for taking the time to respond! 

I would love to, unfortunately my laptop is falling apart and I can't play the game anymore >.< I will for sure try to remember tho :D thank you so much ^^ I'm just finishing up Liyue to go to Inazuma now. Well, I was, before my laptop decided to not have the game work anymore...
But I've been thinking about starting over because I can barely remember stuff. I didn't know what I was doing, so I accidentally skipped some stuff and now that I actually know what I'm doing I think I could do better ^^ 

I'm the WORST at puzzles and difficult games. This was easy enough for me, whilst still holding that challenge but in a fun way :D Most of the time, I get frustrated and refuse to look stuff up online or ask for help because that makes me feel dumb, only to get stuck and look it up online anyways (ahem Genshin Impact cough cough) and then feel frustrated with myself that I couldn't figure *that* out because it's so logic! 

This time, though I indeed DID look closer and I loved it ^^ Thank you for making this :D It was very fun. I had to play through twice before I realised 'wait... (SPOILER ALERT!!!) The princess is with me now... so that's different than all the times before... Hmmm...' And then I fought them and I thought 'Wait... If *I* can't make it in time to the eggs... Maybe two people can?' (intense breath holding) (Intense breath release) 

Nonetheless thank you for making this, I really love it ^^ 

I'm back to say you all that I started semi-crying at xyx route. My mental health hasn't been okay for a long time, but it's particularly bad lately. It's plummeted down to probably zero/one but like... seeing that representation just really hit me :') 

That idea has my full support!!! 

Poor Salo :') I love him so much LOL. I wish there was like, a (platonic, obviously because I am guessing he's a lil grandpa and the rest is all in their twenties except for two2 who's a highschool student/applying to college, plus he literally says he has a family he loves) route where the main character just gets close to him and they gain a wise, kind grandpa figure. And help him a lot with the laptop. EITHER THAT or they don't know anything about laptops either so that's what gets them close. Just. Getting closer to Salo seems awesome to me :') 

Though thank you. So much. I was stressing over this. I was like 'LOL has he ever unplugged the wrong thing. Okay let's say this and hope that it does  not refer to life support, because that seems like something xyx would say and this is the Nightowl route sooo -- wait.... ??? WHY IS EVERYONE REACTING SO EXTREMELY? WHAT DID I SAY??? WHAT DOES IT MEAAAANNNN???' 

Everyone just reacted... very extremely but that may have just been in my head lol. I thought it was  a little TOO extreme to just mean unplugging something in the literal sense. But thank you so much ^^ 

I love Salo so much tho LOL 

Hi, I'm autistic and not good socially/at hints and I was hoping someone could explain this situation to me; 

When Salo for the first time logged off, you get the option of saying teaching him to be technical could make him too powerful, ask if he's not tech savvy OR to say 'does he ever... unplug the wrong thing?' 

And I didn't know what that meant, so I chose that anyways (Nightowl's route lol) and the responses were... confusing to me. 

Nightowl just keyboard smashed and said that he DID do that, and Quest went 'OH come on he hasn't done that recently!'


I even googled it. NO results. Please, my autistic brain can't handle this I need help lol. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN ~~

Well, hey look. I gotta tell you something. I don't like romance. I hate it. I hate the 'friends to lovers' trope and I'm always screaming 'NO DON'T KISS YOUR *FRIENDS*' and then it feels ruined to me. I always avoid romance at all costs. I don't want a relationship. A game has to have platonic routes and be able for me to not participate in romance at all for me to play it. I think I'm just... too queer /hj 

Why am I telling you this? 

Because... the world must be broken. It's glitching and crashing. 

I like, no I LOVE a romance game. I need MORE. I NEED MORE. Please. Please give me more. 

I love the art and voice acting especially and Nightowl is so cool. I originally did the Quest route (finished that one) and then the story made me call Nightowl and I was like 'Woah, welp, I took the wrong route.' Now I'm doing Nightowl's route. I promised myself I'd delete it because oh gosh, romance. But now I just wonder about some stuff... and now I'm going to do all the routes! I also wish there was a Biglady route too. 

Also this may sound weird but I wish there was a Salo route. Not romantically, of course, as I would guess the main character to be in their twenties and Salo's age gap is one thing as well as the fact he already has a loving wife and family. No I mean a platonic route where instead of choosing romance, you just get a friendly, wise grandpa character that's super innocent and does not know what he is doing and you help him with laptop stuff (or you choose to not be tech savy either as I am NOT tech savy lol) 

I am literally rambling about a romance game. I mean, I don't put down others that like romance or romance games, it's just never been my thing. And now I'm rambling and loving a romance game. And THAT, my friends, is how you know a romance is good; when I of all people on earth love it. I just. I love this so much it's such a comfort. SINCE WHEN IS ROMANCE A COMFORT, I DUNNO. SINCE I FOUND THIS GAME. 

Also Nightowl's makeup, outfit, accessoires and nail polish are ON POINT he is so cool. 

Works for me!! I have Lenovo

More boba means more boba. Unless you reached max boba. Then you gotta take off one portion of tea and that'll count as 'more boba'. Hope that helps ^^ 

OH DARN NOW I GOTTA FIGURE OUT A WAY *NOT* TO DIE OKI OKI I... .... I will be here for a while LOL. I absolutely adore every single member of the party :') I might need some hints BUT I GOTTA GET A HAPPY ENDING I'M CONTENT WITH 

Also no worries about the spoiler warning, I know I struggle with itch io games, and then I go to the comments to see how others find the game (is it scary, does it involve any of my triggers, what are people saying about it, oh look people are saying it doesn't download/talking about (trigger)') and then there's always that one comment that just... in one sentence ruins the entire game for me LOL. One game I was gonna check the comments and the FIRST comment was ... ''(character) WAS EVIL TH ENTIRE TIME'' and I was just like ... cool ... chill ... thanks for that?? lol 

So I didn'want to be that person for others ^^ Plus, I have been that person before and authors have always asked me to include spoiler warnings, so I kinda just do it in second nature now :D 

oh gosh yeah I was thinking the same thing!! I think there's only male/nonbinary (? Pretty sure there's a masculine character that uses they/them or he/they) so it'd be cool to have a female too :D 

I was actually thinking the same thing, but like seeing as he has a wife and is probably old and the MC is probably in their twenties, I was thinking a platonic route where you help him and become like a cute wise grandpa relationship with him, platonically. He's so wholesome.

Hey good job on that 'societyboy' because that made me SUPER uncomfy :') I've been in horrible situations (that I won't talk about)

Anyways I just wanted to say that you did a super good job making me feel uncomfortable. Which. Uh. Yeah. Adrenaline levels SPIKED. Good job. That's almost exactly what it feels like, if not exactly. Now I will just try to go down all the routes. I normally don't even like romance games at all, but I've barely only begun and I'm hooked.


Darn it green eyed cook :( Is there any way I can just like... not be killed at the end? It says I beat the game but... I don't feel good about this ending. Are there any others? 

Awww this is so beautiful. I'm super bad at puzzles but for me this was the perfect thing to figure out :) I love this :D