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Thanks for playing and giving detailed feedback. I made the traps a bit hard to see, because I thought it would fit the theme, but I thought that some might find them too easy to miss. The bombs were a last-minute addition, basically to avoid potentially frustrating situations where you are forced to take damage or can't open a jar between tiles. Those are situations I was trying to avoid to begin with, so yeah, the bombs are rarely necessary.

A nice, straightforward platformer. It would have been nice to have one or two more types of regular enemies though. I like the graphics, especially the backgrounds. This could easily pass for a real Gameboy game.

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Well that's embarrassing. Thanks for playing (and letting me know)!

e: Your game looks cool! I'll play it tomorrow.

Thanks for your feedback! I agree that the hints are not that useful (also all the other criticisms that erveryone has as well: standard zoom, no fast forward, no mouse wheel zoom etc.). Writing the hints was pretty much the last thing I did. And when I realized that I couldn't make them very helpful with the low resolution and limited space, it would have taken more time to remove them than to finish them as best as I could.

I'm not sure which one's the bouncing ball level. The last one?

That screenshot is hilarious - I didn't think that was possible. (In case you don't know: the solution for that level is to activate the blue blocks, use the banana under the first row (Forrest keeps sliding as long as there's a block above him) to barely outrun the pigs, then place a trampoline before the second row and then drop all piggies into the spikes.)

Ha! I was hoping people would see this as a sort of DOS-like experience... I can't say that I was going for that from the beginning - it just happened out of necessity (no artistic ability and no time to fix the clunky controls). Glad you enjoeyd it!

Thanks for playing. I agree with your criticisms 100%. It's mostly polish that would have been nice to add, but I'm glad I could get this out at all and relatively bugfree (I hope). With more time I probably would have spend it on designing levels, because things only started to come together in the last 1 1/2 days. But by then I had to quickly finish things up when I was just starting to get more interesting ideas.

It's a SID version of Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me (U2) by Alexander Ney (Taxim)