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Thanks a lot ! It was a first for me on doing graphics so I was more focused on this than content haha

I really liked the aesthetic, the world, the dialogs and the gravestones are witty and absurd i loved them ! (i'd love to write my own gravestone)
I have some questions about the card/combat mechanics (i'm always super excited when I see tarot btw, your cards look appealing and mysterious) I just don't know what the jauges (spirit, home and stat) are for and it felt really one sided for a "combat". Since it's a prototype i'd love to know more about what you want to do with that !
Anyway, congrats for putting this original experience together and i wish you all the best with this project :)

It's a very short thing, there is not much more to show than what is on the gif actually, but sure I can still add one :)

Puzzle is my jam, i like it :) simple but efficient !

Alos, I reeeeeally hope you recorded the "Yi-ha" sfx ... doubt it, but it would be awesome, just saying.