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Do you plan to release this game this year? Also, what will the price be?

it's supposed to be released in 10 days. 

Thank You

is there a way to skip previously read text?

Approximately how many words will the full game have?

Will this game be released this year or in 2019?

I knew once I saw this VN a while back that I would love it. After playing the demo, I thought Bemelle would be my favorite, following the Guide. I was pretty sure the Lu would be my least favorite of the bunch and didn't plan on romancing him since he seemed so weak.  

Upon playing the full game that all changed. It turns out that the characters that I thought would be my least favorite are actually my fave (Margret and Lu). Lu was such a sweetheart underneath it all. I really like the Guide and Lu's backstory. 

I also really loved the bonus material. It was too funny and first bonus was cute. Lake of Voices was harder than I expected. I died quite a bit, lol. It was worth it in the end, though.

Thanks so much for creating this and I look forward to playing your future games.

Thank You!

How many romanceable characters are there?

SkateRide community · Created a new topic PS4 controller

Would this work with a PS4 controller?

I just finished playing it and I like this style. I hope you make more games like this in the future.

This looks really cool.

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Since the demo contains a few hours of gameplay, I wonder if the full game will still contain our save points? 

Me too! I keep checking ever few days.

How many endings are there?

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I have the latest version. I don't see one to save where I left off. I tried pressing "s" and right clicking to save, but those don't seem to work.

is this BL only, or can you romance the girls too?

Will this have many choices to choose from?

Hi, I love your VN's. Aloners was what brought me back into the world of visual novels from a 4-5 year halt. 

Do you have an estimated date on when you plan to release Amir's route?

HI, I like this game. I'm having trouble getting $5000. Do you have any tips. I tried 3 times and I'm always so close. 

We need updates!

I have been meaning to play the demo, and finally got a chance today. I really like the game so far. The characters a nicely drawn and I really like how there are a lot more choices compared to most other VN's.  It keeps the reader engaged.  Approximately how many words do you expect the finished game to have?

can you add a link for the kickstarter? 

What month will this game be released in? I played the demo and loved it.  Also, do you have any other games that don't require stat-raising ?

Hi,  I don't know why, but the only places I can meet up with Arie are at the gym and coffee shop. Is there anyway to make progress with him? The love meter is full.

Approximately how many hours is each route?

Would also like to know the answer to this.