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I can feel you bud, my carpal tunnel has gotten so bad, I always end up procrastinating 

I still haven't checked it, but how does it handle text overflow(when the dialog/text is too long)?

this looks really great, and perfect timing too. I'm currently working on a dialogue system myself.

oh, I guess I could see how it's a problem, I don't think Godot has an interface to access Windows OS Clipboard other than getting String/Text stuff. 
I'll be cheering you guys on, I can't give back anything as of yet, but it's now my go-to for pixel animation! 

I'll use it for topdown then. 

jk, thanks for the great sprites btw! 

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Magnificent. Sadly, it doesn't complement Tilesetter as much as I thought. Using Aseprite or, you can simply copy the selection and paste it straight into Tilesetter without having to save the drawn sprite tile. Just select the drawn pixel art, CTRL-C (copy), go to Tilesetter, and CTRL-V (paste). Rinse/Repeat

But it's definitely a very good software for making pixel art. I also really like the built-in capabilities for animation. Although I really hope to see other more common features gets added, like: CTRL-A (Fill selection) and some more. 

Still, since this is open source, I would highly recommend it! 

I finally had time to actually try this one

My goodness, I like how clean and easy to understand AND extend this template

I added sprinting, then extended double jumps to allow multiple jumps but with a limit. Actually finishing on time for game jams is gonna be cinch... if I stop procrastinating, just maybe. Cries in a corner. 

What sorcery is this?