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I just replayed this game, its been almost half a year. Im now gaining motivation again to GAME!


I thought it was funny, I just imagined everyone wanting to say hi to the naked person. Very cool!

Very good, very frustrating! 

This is really fun, and I love the voice acting!

Thats cool, ill try to check that out in the future.

Im not sure on how to get to the boss fight.

I felt that the game could be more fun if the enemys were more challenging or had a puzzle behind them.

Cool idea!

The music was amazing! But in your browser mode I couldn't see my money so I was guessing when I had 400 coins.

Short and Sweet.

Fun and challenging! The controls for movement are a bit difficult. Really cool.

Cool idea, but the moving controls are a bit difficult.

Cool idea. The game play gets more fun after the second level.

This game has a really cool concept that is really fun!

This game had really good audio, art and some fun game play, I just wish the game was a little more challenging.

This game is fun to play with friends, but when your a basement dweller like me I have to play by myself. its fun!

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Interesting Concept, I wish I had more to do in game.