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The visuals and atmosphere are really nice, but uuuuh the enemies don't spawn if I go too far? I mean, they're here for a bit but then I just cruise through empty space. I don't know if that's normal and it seems I'm the only one with this issue? Good job nonetheless, I know how you struggled during this jam and being able to submit a game with this level of polish with the time and resources you had is impressive.

I'm sorry, I basically did it over and I can't recreate the issue either. Maybe I can check the logs or something? And thank you for the tutorial!

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Update: I can't cut and past things either. It doesn't cut the target, and makes it disappear when I paste it. It also always puts the bone as the child of the last layer I have, and not the one i'm targetting. (edit: added an issue and typo fix)

Hello! When I try to delete this bone that I misplaced, all the other layers get deleted. Same thing happens when I ctrl+Z : instead of just undoing the bone, it undoes everything I just opened. I'm on windows. I checked the list and I don't think this has been reported yet.

The mood is top notch! It looks very interesting, however I'm a very clueless player and so I got lost a lot. It would help to add some variety to the paths so i know where i am, and also stronger visual clues as to which way will advance the story. Subtitles when characters talk would help a lot as well. Can't wait to see what you'll make of this!

Congrats for the Gogodot Jam 5th place guys!

I really like the idea! I would love to play a sort of rpg/tamagotchi crossover thing like that. I'm actually lowkey jealous, I'd love to make a game like that. Idk if that can help but when giving a potion to the knight (like dragging it on him without him going to the potion themselves) and then drop an enemy, the game glitches then crashes. The debugger said it was a failure to switch states I think. Anyway, hope you will come back to it!

Hey! It was my first game jam too :) I think you achieved your goal, it looks good, and I'd love to see where you were going with this. Are you going to continue it?

Oh no don't apologize, it's on me for not reading the page lol! I figured it out in the end and it was still fun :p

Holy sh*t, voice acting and original soundtrack with lyrics, you went all the way in! The spin on snake a la rythm game was interesting as well. It was fun and surprising, which is what I like the most about indie games. Good job!

Thank you so much for your kind comment! I'm def thinking about making a full game about it :) Glad you liked it!

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I like the idea a lot! There are nice touches like how the env changes the further you go from the oasis, and the little compas that shows you where it is . There is however stuff I don't know how to do, where do I plant the tomato seeds and how do I look into my full inventory outside of the shop?

EDIT: Alright, so for those who are wondering: the controls are on the game's page, you need an upgrade to make soil appear, but that's okay because you can keep mining and cutting wood without SP. ^^

Thanks a lot! Yeah, it's a really small prototye so everything is to be made yet.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it, it's very encouraging to me as it is my very first game. I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks a lot! I completely forgot that you don't necessarily know the flowers are going to bloom the first time haha, creator blindness, you know how it is :) I might do a complete version if people are interested!

Can you imagine being this dude's neighbor. You're just living your life and one day f***ing Gregor over here's suddenly a roach and is eating the whole neighborhood. Anyway, this was pretty fun, congrats on your entry!

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!

Nice, looking forward to it! c: 

Thank you my friend <3

Yeah my bad, found out after a while that you had to drag two plants to make it happen! So no bug here haha, congrats for your game!

Okay so I seem to be the only one having merging issues lol, which prevents me for going to bigger waves, but fun game nonetheless

It's good looking and pretty fun, but I can't merge the plants for some reason? And also there is no sound, just wondering if that was normal.

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I really like the aesthetic of this game, you nailed it! It's a bit hard to navigate especially in more complex levels though, but asides that it was a nice concept.

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it :D

Hey, no need to be sorry at all, I got to play a great little game thanks to you! I am on windows, I just downloaded and extrated the file without touching anything, not sure what happened...

It was very fun and I loved the art style but It didn't make any sound when I was playing!

I absolutely loved it. Every phase was a surprise, it was a genuinely fun little game to play.

I absolutely love what you did! I subscribed to your ig!