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Thank you guys for your input! :) Looks like ram is a key factor here. I'm sure when it is optimized it will be better. Yes, doesn't make sense for this game to have such high requirements.

Have a great day

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Really love the game. Really. Something about the futuristic feel to it, and object placement for optimization intrigues me.

That said, noticing 2 blatant issues that are hampering gaming.

1.The lag

As the game progresses, it becomes slower and more tedious to place buildings, especially around the farming squares. It really takes away from the experience because I spend more time waiting in lag than actually playing the game. Yes I've tried to reduce resolution and graphic settings. Currently using a Dell XPS 9550, 950 Nvidia GTX. It's a pretty great ultrabook. Just struggles with this game. Please look into it, I sincerely wish I could build my population to 1000+ without the lag.

2. The display issue

For some reason, the game will not display correctly in fullscreen mode. For instance, when I launch it the windows bar stays on the screen, causing the entire game screen to shift ( ) . If I switch it to fullscreen mode, then the mouse pointer does not highlight the area it is over. Also, it bugs out hard when I try fullscreen mode.

Thank you for the great game! Love it enough to give feedback so it can get better :) Looking forward to a solution.