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So I want to preface this whole thing by acknowledging, I am not the target demographic for this game. I'm an adult with no children, and I'm very familiar with video games already. But, I love cats, and when I see a game with a kitten front and center, I'm going to notice it. I got this game with the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, though I also bought it separately afterward just to toss what I could to the dev becuase, like, man, this game put a smile on my face. I have two cats of my own, and this game throws me right back to when they were squaky, stubby, curious little kittens. I also really vibe with this game's mission, because yeah, there aren't enough games made with young children in mind, and when a game does come out for kids, it's a toin coss if it'll be super predatory. This game just made me smile, and with everything going on in the world, that really means something. So thank you for putting this out there, and thank you for making it about kittens