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Ahem, here I am after a bit more of playtime. I focused my attention around the dodging during fights, and came to the conclusion that the dodging isn't stiff at all. It was actually a combination of: 1) me being unused to the slight inertia that is given to the moving character (which is totally okay, I just need to get accustomed to that); 2) the fact that I couldn't really figure out whether the dodging animation grants invicibility frames to the character, so sometimes I would dodge but still get hit, which kinda confused me as to whether I was actually dodging correctly. Anyway I had a lot of fun playtesting! Thanks again for reaching out, from a gamer's perspective it's always appreciated when the dev gets in touch. I'm sorry I can't contribute to the Kickstarter but I'm a bit tight on money (university student).

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I created an account just to compliment you for the game.
Found the game by chance, was drawn in by the unique "hand-drawn" art style. I'm loving the keyboard control system (too lazy to pick up my pc controller from the drawer...) and the christian symbology being used. Combat system is also very pleasing to the eye (big fan of flashy slashes on-screen), but the dodging could use some refinement as it's somewhat stiff (can't really describe it any better). But don't let my criticism rub you the wrong way, overall the game is great!