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Whenever I go into a game's room and interact with the object so the actual game launches, nothing happens. (For example, I go into the  "Walk" game room, and interact with the vending machine by pressing "E", nothing happens), the games aren't launching, same thing happens with all the other games/demos. Any help with this? 

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After some testing in different versions, I finally got to finish it lol. Thanks a lot UndreamedPanic for your hard work, the game definitely has a way to go but everything you've made so far is really new and exciting, keep it up!

So just a little feedback, I tried 1.4.1, I did not get randomly killed as often, but it still happened, it was a little frustrating to be in a far point of the game and just die out of nowhere, so I downgraded to v 1.3.0, I got to beat the game first try on that version.

Im really looking forward to it, once I'm done recording I'll be sure to donate a little bit so the full game hopefully happens, its the best one yet! :D

Yes!!!! Exactly the problem I kept having yesterday and it kept me from progressing D: Thank you so much!!!

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I'm not sure if this is intended or not, v1.4.0,but at some points where I just started walking at the beginning or investigate the tent in the camp site, my character suddenly starts getting hurt by seemengly the air, and after a few hits, Siren Head appears right behind me and kills me. I'm not sure if I'm not doing a mechanic or if its a bug. But it's not letting me progress at all. 

Other than the bunch of notes, the game is a masterpiece <3 Thank you for letting us mortals play it.