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Lucky Pixel

A member registered Jul 24, 2016 · View creator page →


Recent community posts

The game feels very smooth!

Thanks! Can't wait to play your next game =)

Most comprehensive bitsy game I've played to date! I enjoyed the puzzles, dialogue was clever, and I liked how at the end it listed the items found.

It's very visually appealing. I especially like Day 30!

Nice use of shading, gives it an awesome 3d pixel-look.

Had a nice experience playing the game. I liked the literal easter egg in the game. The music really complimented the game as well. How did you get the music to play on the site?

I really liked the interface and all the interesting file names! Nicely done! 

That's a clever way to reveal the designs hiding below.  Really nice pixel designs too, got me in a festive mood.

Thanks :) (Mission accomplished someone understands my in-game jokes)

I liked how you implemented the sailboat part in the game. Nice Job!

I really like that it loops! Really interesting mechanics using the bitsy editor.

Sure you are... (Quickly writes down note and updates game) Glad you think it's great!

I liked the boss battle against the donut/banana at the end.  The shotgun's shot radius was cool and the railgun was awesome because it's overpowered. Overall very nice and the feel was right  just needs some tweaking here and there.

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The camera movement was really fast, kind of gave me a headache. Also you should have made the text in black, because it wasn't visible against the white background. I like the robot character and environment aesthetics.

Very nice switching mechanic! I like how you had the player slowly learn the different ways it can be used. Nice music and graphics too!

Mechanics felt right and music and art was immersive to the theme of the game. Nice Job!

It was fun to play! I like how you can build your combos to increase the timer.

Awesome character design and the parasol mechanic is cool. Wish there was more finished content level wise. The exact same thing happened to me in the jam.

That was awesome! Thanks for playing through the bitsy jam entries! 

Did an awesome job with this one! The levels were well designed and introduced the mechanics through trail and error. The pixel art and music were calming and helped with the puzzle solving. Overall really enjoyable and wish this was on my phone to play later!

Love the pixel art, calm music, and the game made me really think to solve the puzzles. Great Game! 

I made it to the middle of level three , right before the pillars where you had to use your shield to bounce up to the cliff. I like the character design and the the different ways you showed off your shield mechanic. I felt like the response time switching between down shield could have been faster and smoother. My favorite obstacle was crossing the pit bouncing off the plant projectiles. Great Job!

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I like the aesthetics of the game, colors blend nice. I wish there was background music though and a more noticeable soundfx when the enemies get hit.  I needed to get used to the mechanics, but I thought the idea was novel. Great Job!

The pixel art and sounds are awesome!


Reminds of me billiards with puzzle mechanics. Awesome Job!