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hv game studio

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Very nice but could add a hint button as puzzles are difficult

the grafics are awesome, I love it. 

The gameplay is a little slow but it's works

it`s really good, I enyoyed to play but is not enoght disgusting how I imagined 8/10

I love your game, but is so short, I hope you are still developing

very nice men, thanks I appreciate that

thank you men ! c:

I downloaded and tested the demo, I was waiting for a long time, I love the graphical section and the story goes well, the number of enemies is great there are many different enemies, I hate snakes are very fast, what I did not like anything is the attack since I think it is very slow, there should be a knockback with the enemies because they are thrown at you and you can not do anything, there could be a way to dodge (like rolling or doing a dash), the interface of the life could be bigger, just as it is difficult to see. this is my opinion after trying the game I hope you serve to improve, greetings.
I will be attentive to the next updates

thanks bro !

Hello guys ! iwas made a game in Game Maker Studio, is a simple game of zombies 

and the characters are my co-workers, download and enjoy

hello friend, I have a question for you, your sprites are free and the people can donate money.  Is it profitable to do that? Do you earn money like that? I ask you because I want to upload my sprites and I would like some advice. 

ok bro, you got it

Hi, I want to use your sprite but I have a question, Would you like it to appear in the credits of the game or is it unnecessary?

looks greats

this man Markiplier is unbearable !!! the game looks great

hello, I bought your game because it seemed interesting to me, I played it and it has a funny but very difficult mechanic, those eggs I could not kill them, on the other hand the circle of light that the protagonist generates is very small, please keep improving. I love it. 7/10

i download you game and i think is bored, the pixel art is cool but the history i don't know.