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Running on Catalina 10.15.5 i had to do a few things differently than others to get the game to run, first i installed the game and the zip file was automatically moved to the trash bin. I removed the zip file from the trash and right clicked the file, using the unarchiver app to extract the game (the unarchiver is free on the app store). Then a file labelled "wohgame" popped up on the desktop which i then right clicked and selected the "show package contents" option and opened the folder labelled "MacOs" where the unix executable was hiding, double clicking that to run the game. If you just double click the "wohgame" file on the desktop you will get a message saying that the game cannot be found OR that you can't open it because finder cant scan for malicious software. Hope this helps anyone who was having a similar issue! Orrr i'm inept and it took me a little longer than most to figure it out lol.