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Of course, feel free to ask, you can use discord or find PeDev on twitter.

But all the coding in this game is basically a mess.

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Wow, it does really similar to our game, moreover, they came up with a interesting way to limit the viewpoint change and works well as a puzzle game.

Thank you for sharing.

It blows my mind.

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If you want some challenge, it can be finished without moving plane when changing the view.

And here's the full run, spoiler alert


Cool design, but when it scales up and gather more pieces my ear and computer just exploded.

Nicely done 5 /5

Great work!

Yeah, it's kinda broken without some constraints, FeelsBadMan.

It was originally designed with the concept "Only One Focal Length" which can only move the projection plane back and forth, but we want to add more freedom to the player, and it's very satisfying watching the 2d projection moving around.