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Could you switch the arrow keys to WASD or add a way to rebind keys. Great game btw

I do not face any of these problems.

Nope, doesnt work.

I assume you mean as sudo?

Me too

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I tries running the The Bibites.x86_64 file but all i get is the unity splash screen and then a blue empty screen.

"should not have multiple, independent/parallel threads accessing the data when at least one is modifying the data, wihout some kind of locking and synchronization." Rust lang is the answer to life which also adds protection for this.

No.. I feel your pain

i am running native not through wine

after a long time i finally get it. Wow that was really cool

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Hello. the game crashed 

when i clicked play the tutuorial the game crashed.

this is the log.

also i am using ubuntu 21.04 

is there any way to fix it

if you have the itch app you can download it. even though it says downloading it works

ok thank you. great game btw

Is this the same as the one in the itch page?

where are the do script i am not able to find it please help.

why x86_64 i mean that is ancient at this point just make it 64 bit

great game i love the way it is not a generic turn based strategy with the weather and very nice graphics

we need more terraforming map editor and random map gen and then this game will the best puzzle game in the world my rating currently is 9/10

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i still dont get the chicken monsters thing and why does the enemy commander commit suicide he kills so many glaives

still amazing game

anybody else just trying to make every unit possible

and think that the ronin are gods

and i give up i am still not deleting

just tell me

did everybody just copy paste

there are too many

so that i can continue playing

i really hope there is not paid versio

will it be free forever also great game very nice feeling

you dont need it i am on ubuntu 20.10 and it is working fine after installing through itch ap