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Captin butterballs

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Sorry for the vague post I wasn't sure if you would see it. 

1. Yes, I'm referring to the voice command.

2. I'm on PC windows 10

3. It is the instant that Ari is on screen, either by himself or with another character.

4. Don't worry he wasn't naked, the voice command just reads the error.

5. It didn't show on text but it did read out loud.

Update: I went back in to the game and it's only when Ari has his casual outfit on (brown shirt, black pants). Scenes like the kidnapping and the car chase and really any other scene that has him in the brown shirt is when the voice command reads out the error. But when he has his white tux it reads out normally, hope I was more helpful this time around.

I love this game! I've now played for 7 hours and will continue playing it. I can't wait for the rest of the episodes to be released.

Gilded Shadows Demo community · Created a new topic Bug

When the voice command was activated and Ari was on screen It would say his "character outfit was not found". I turned it off too see if it was my problem but it stayed the same. 

I love this game! I got all 4 endings and played for an hour. I also discovered some new dialog that I didn't notice when I first played through. The art style has a soft feel to it so you wouldn't really expect what's to come. I'll for sure check out the other games they've developed.

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I would have never guessed that this game was made in two weeks. It's a funny and interactive story, didn't see that ending coming over all a very fantastic game.