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That's bad :( 

I'm only with cellphone recently. Hope you can solve that problem ASAP. 

Already wanting need content 🀣

didn't felt that way 🀣 probably because I read and talk fast,so even if it's a bit fast to others,to me felt very natural 🀣

What's "tbh"? To be honest?

why so?

that's not a's a typo. Also,I was playing and too lazy to report it in the Google doc or elsewhere 🀣

Aaaaah,it ended so fast :(

I was hoping for more. Well,it was enjoyable anyway. Lots of references too haha

I certainly wasn't expecting that propaganda inside the game. Not much VNs tend to do it,their teams generally advertise other VNs in the patreon or other sites. The keychains for Wolfstar was so cute too...well,chibis are normally cute,but anyway,to me it was cute. And the one for...I think it was Hugo,the bull,his keychain wasn't one bit cute,that one red eye looking at your soul is scary,to say the least 🀣🀣

And as I'v already said I like the new character art transitions during the dialogues...the game is more and more feeling immersive and like a real experience instead of "just" a game,as if you're really there experiencing it all,and I'm liking the feeling.

Well,okay,now I'll stop spamming the comments - till the next update at least - and will be anxiously - okay,not really...I didn't even remembered of the game till some minutes ago,I really do live the now - waiting for the next update...more precisely one with Shoichi content as I haven't played the other routes yet,though I'm kinda tempted haha.

So he simply changed his uniform for that shirt from a dialogue to another without reason? Wtf

So far I'm enjoying the least it wasn't there last time I played...transitions of the characters pose,having more than one pose during the dialogue. It really makes it feels more like a real dialogue.

Also,I just can't picture a little - and aggressive bunny - as a troglodyte 🀣

What does "assed" means on that thinking of MC about the students and liveliness of the place?

I tried translating the phrase,but I got something that totally doesn't makes sense and "assed" doesn't have a translation πŸ€”

Yuuichi=san? And here I was,in my naivety,thinking that Yuuichi was just a name 😜

Well,about her (mom) comment I just say that old people sometimes don't take care of themselves alone :P

There is a strange transition here where you simply says "Heh. Thanks." and then repeats it saying more things...I didn't saw a purpose for that transition,so I assume is a typo.

YAY,more Shoichi. It was hard to live without him...that game is like a drug that is making me dependent of Shoichi hahaha jokes,but yeah,the game is very immersive.

Just started Shoichi day 19 and found a strange typo.....   is it hours,minutes or what? 🀣

I'll just send prints there and after I play,if needed,I put it in the doc too.

Nice. Will be waiting to see how Tora route will be then :D

Oh,no problem. I dunno what it was,but after downloading again I was successful. And man,what a joke huh? 🀣🀣 tough it made me think how will the sex scenes be now that you're a fox.

Oh that explains haha I didn't perceived that and was just thinking strange that you know when to go to the party out of nowhere. 

Seems like there is some sort of typo here,as Kyouji says the same thing 2x in a row,both with different intonations,but basically same.

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ED:before I forgot - probably again -,I'm playing the Android version.

I'll just post there the bugs and typos that I found, so if you think it is too much spoiler,just delete the comment. Sorry the trouble.

I don't know if in English that is okay,but the translation of that gives me a phrase that is missing words...the correct phrase in my idiom translated to English is as that: "His eyes instantly lock with mine when he turns his head to investigate the yelling." 

I've not played all the routes yet,so I don't know if it is implement already,but it would be interesting to put a choice in some route that makes you bring the broken fan to ...forgot his name... the friend that works with his dad fixing that they can fix your fan.

Eeerh, man? He doesn't have whiskers - Tora art.


That part when you're talking with Tarou mom and suddenly you were aware of how hot it is at the moment seems so forced to me.,I don't have a example for it lol,but anyway,it doesn't feels is strangely unrealistic. Hope you guys change it a bit,cuz it is very strange that you got to receive a invite for a ride from someone that meet you only a couple days ago due to the hotness of the day.

I'm curious...why on day 3 Torahiko uncles go buy cleaning things when Torahiko and his dad were buy groceries in the next town? Like...shouldn't they had bought everything that's needed at the same time? It is just that it seems to me like they did go to a supermarket,which makes me confused as to why not buy everything in need at that time. πŸ€”

Do people in Japan really eat rice and meat/fish/soup in breakfast? That to me is more of a lunch or dinner than breakfast hahaha Like,where are the breads and fruits? Plus milk and coffee πŸ˜…

Oh,you guys should totally put a dialogue of Main Character talking with his grandfather that he found a friend that woke up earlier than him and was running around...there is also Shun,who did call MC early... I would totally "brag" about friends my age being active so early 🀣🀣

That doesn't makes sense to me lol is it a expression?

That too doesn't makes sense...wandering is used more to things like walking instead of thinking...or is it a expression?

The contour is not in the person who's talking...

You guys probably know already,but anyway,the BG is wrong. It is supposed to be late night at this point,but the BG is early morning. 

Same here

Juuichi blushing art is so cute man. I want to hug him, a bear hug! *badumts*

Is that some sort of informal way of talk? I understand something more related to doing in this phrase, but it is related to an action,so doing would probably fit better.

The "???" in the person name doesn't makes sense,as he is already in the,the contour of who's talking is on him too...if it were to be maintained it as "???",it would be better to not put him in the screen in that scene yet.

It feels a bit unnatural MC's annoyance with Tora for just those little things that he did - which didn't annoyed him as much in other occasions - when just some scenes ago it was said that he was in a good humor that day... 🀨

It's **

Same thing.


Ehh...why is Haru nudity sensured if I choose adult content at the beginning? - it is the other at Tora swimming team(?)  ---- I've looked the settings again and,even tough I choose to let adult content,it was with the SFW content settings lol.

This part seems a bit off...was it supposed to be Tora cutting his thoughts or was it supposed to be "then" at the phrase ending?

Uuuuh,isn't it supposed to be of' or ol' in there? The translation for that one is some mess of words 🀣

Close to midnight and there is so much light from the sky?

The BGs during the firefly catching with Juuichi are so beautiful 😍 nice work guys πŸ‘πŸ»

Meeh, I still want to hold Juuichi hands in the walk there,but I'll be wanting least for now 😒 but who knows in the future,maybe... ☺

(3 edits)

Definitely the most that I look forward is to a route for Tora...I saw his good(?) ending in Homecoming,but man...that was too shallow!!! It was just the confession during Juiichi route and then it skips directly to they future married together - which I liked very much -,but...where is the process? That is what I want Haha 

Also, that I'm not expecting much,but do you guys plan on doing a perfect ending with a more extended period of time? Like,I remember that in Homecoming some routes perfect ending ended with you going home,but some ended with you coming back to your hometown in vacation, or,in the case of Tora,to live with your lover. It would be very interesting that. I remember that I was pretty much disappointed with Juiichi ending after playing others,as his one ends - if I do remember correctly - when you goes back to your home.

But anyway, removing the expectations brought about by the frustrations and happiness from Homecoming,I'm pretty much liking this project and am curious about how will it all progress and also how will the arts be - more so for the dates and sex scenes hehehe.

I do not have any report to do about typos and bugs,as the only typos that I saw where fixed already,but if I do find something I'll take some time to report you guys.

Thanks for the awesome project. Hope you do continue and do a even better game this time :D

Also,congratulations for all you guys did till now πŸ‘πŸ»

ED: I only saw now that Homecoming is in this project downloads...was even thinking why there is no project of it in yours account lol. But anyway,focusing on the matters at hand,that Release 2 of Homecoming is something new or is it the "definite" version -if I do remember correctly it was 0.5, 5.0, something with 5 in it haha - ?

ED2: okay,I noted now that I a made a mess of the names lol 

I'm not good with names...more so when they're so similar haha sorry for the confusion.

Anyway...I can't install April's fools version...during the installation it just gives me that,but there is no info as to why... I even looked at the memory of the device,which is okay, and tried clearing the cache of the actual version installed,but to no avail. Anyone know of a way that I can use to discover the problem? Thanks.

Soooooooooooo,I started playing the new update now and something that I saw that I still think is extremely strange is that Tora never says the time of the welcoming party,just the place,but you go there on time as if you already is really strange! Hope you guys change it in the near futue

that is exactly what I'm trying to say: there is only 1 option in that place. 

You probably needs to change previous options to unlock that other option in this place

ooooooh got it

I was confused as when I touch it there is no info and the image is pretty much a house 

(1 edit)

Oh,I was thinking you had put something about yourself in the character and that was it hmm* you put something based on yourself in your characters sometimes?

oh I made a mess then,sorry

About the android version,I really tried installing the game - same version - because dunno way,but there was no new content after the actualization lol

Oh,nice. That is like a relief,cuz I liked the game so far but didn't saw something new and was already thinking the project was canceled.

Thanks for the info ^-^

Awesome game.

Will there be a android version?

(1 edit)

oooooh,that explains why the creepy BG that feels so out of place hahaha.

You're doing pretty well* for making a game all solo then πŸ˜±πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Hi! I saw this game in the YouTube and I think it really is interesting. Do you plan on doing a android version of it?

ooooh got it. That explains why too haha.

Glad to help :D

The story is so crazy hahaha like,just in the beginning out of nowhere you can have a sexual adventure with your friend 😏 but I'm enjoying it.

Just I'm did contract a artist to do the BG and characters? A bunch of them looks devious πŸ€”  like,that one bull(?) in the BG of the bar/strip club 

🀣🀣🀣🀣 it's just that I didn't saw a horror/scary focus in the game - at least not scary to me till the point I've played. Maybe that will change,but till now it is like seeing a horror movie being changed into a crazy romance - very crazy 🀣🀣 but I'm liking. 

when trying to put the clothes the buttons simply that really supposed to happen?

Day 3 Mark. Invite to eat after class. "I'm not hungry" option. That error happens:

[code] I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred. While running game code: File "game/c-mark_day3.rpy", line 924, in NameError: name 'swingin' is not defined -- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------ Full traceback: File "c-mark_day3.rpyc", line 924, in script File "/data/user/0/", line 1729, in execute if renpy.python.py_eval(condition): File "/data/user/0/", line 1943, in py_eval return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals) File "/data/user/0/", line 1936, in py_eval_bytecode return eval(bytecode, globals, locals) File "game/c-mark_day3.rpy", line 924, in NameError: name 'swingin' is not defined [/code] 

(2 edits)

Mark day 2,during the class, talking with Parker,I tried to skip it,but the game freezes and return to the main screen. There was no error report too.

From the text "After class" onwards,every time I try to skip the game freezes for like 1 sec and returns to main screen.

Also,there is no other option to choose here...maybe that text is in the wrong place?

I noted now that the lockers room aren't in the BG gallery even tough I've played Gil route 2 times...maybe you didn't included it in the game yet,but if it is the one locked,there is some sort of bug as it didn't unlocked yet

(1 edit)

This game is still in development? There is a so long time from the last update that I'm curious if the project was abandoned πŸ€”

By the way,the prologue(?) is fucking awesome man. The way the story was wrote is also very,I felt as if myself where in there,being part of the story hahaha. 

Lil Killigan is so cute,but the starting is so sad lol. It is so strange see sadness in cute like seeing that anime of lollies killing one another πŸ˜…

Is it a bug? When you ask something the last question pop ups,but if you do choose it again,the text is the same lol. Shouldn't the options you already did be removed?

Missing " again.

Missing " too...

Man,what a crazy game hahaha. Chessebread is good when you put tomato sauce,making like a pizza of bread haha. 

The first " is missing.

liked that you put the climate near the days :D

Just...what is the meaning of the house there? Wasn't it supposed to only appear in your house? πŸ€”

(1 edit)

anyone had success at the event gallery "others"? I'm still trying to open that fuck...😑

Andy you have a weakness for nuggets yes? Everywhere I look the Main Character have a option for it and when you do choose it he is always wanting it 🀣🀣🀣🀣 he will became a walking nugget...would he eat himself in that case? πŸ€”πŸ˜±

(4 edits)

I only saw now the info that there is a artist doing the characters hahaha

Tough I do remember a image in your Twitter about I think it was Lars in a version veeeery sexy.

This new update is day 4 of Anders? ---- okay I just played and it still ends in day 3,tough I saw that you made some little changes with the story,which I liked πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

I saw in your patreon something about day 4 of Anders and Gil,so I'm supposing you made day 4 of Gil in this update and Anders day 4 will came in the next update...πŸ€”

Oh,before I forgot. When I actualized the game in android version,after opening it there was a error log,but I just ignored it and there was nothing wrong that I noted after that. Dunno what happened...tough it jumped the main screen directly to the main title - I mean,the screen with the options instead of the one saying "touch to start"

Okay,now I do think something really did go wrong...I played it and there was no day for Gil or Anders...I'm lost...what is new in that version? You should put the dev log of the newest actualization on too,if possible,of course. 

Oh,again,when I opened the game it did open as error,but this time it didn't jumped straight to menu,staying in the screen about mature content. 

(For checking the version)

That is the error report:


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "renpy/common/00keymap.rpy", line 446, in <module>

  File "renpy/common/00keymap.rpy", line 456, in _execute_python_hide

Exception: Couldn't find a place to stop rolling back. Perhaps the script changed in an incompatible way?

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "00start.rpyc", line 203, in script call

  File "00keymap.rpyc", line 446, in script

  File "/data/user/0/", line 862, in execute

    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,

  File "/data/user/0/", line 1912, in py_exec_bytecode

    exec bytecode in globals, locals

  File "renpy/common/00keymap.rpy", line 446, in <module>

  File "renpy/common/00keymap.rpy", line 456, in _execute_python_hide

  File "/data/user/0/", line 728, in load

    log.unfreeze(roots, label="_after_load")

  File "/data/user/0/", line 1867, in unfreeze

    self.rollback(0, force=True, label=label, greedy=greedy, on_load=True)

  File "/data/user/0/", line 1696, in rollback

    raise Exception("Couldn't find a place to stop rolling back. Perhaps the script changed in an incompatible way?")

Exception: Couldn't find a place to stop rolling back. Perhaps the script changed in an incompatible way?


I'll try to reinstall to see if that error still keeps repeating.

And apparently that didn't worked...I downloaded again,but when I opened the apk archive there was a "error with the package". I tried again and it worked,but when I opened the game the same error appeared...also,according to the progression bar in the "About" menu,there is nothing new that I didn't saw/did in this new version...that is strange lol

that wasn't a critic hahaha just a comment about the craziness in the game. Tough I like some craziness to relax of the sometimes dull life.

Wait...what background have to do about my question? πŸ€” I was asking if the place of the story is in Japan hahaha 

And yeah,that is understandable. The game is in development...obviously a bunch of things still need more attention. Tough I do admit I'm a bit anxious to see how it goes...see how the game will develop ☺

sorry but I don't remember it. I played all routes on that day,so it is a bit fuzzy all the memories...

If I do remember correctly,it was during the classmate lion - forgot his name - when appeared a new side character in there,a friend of the lion,guy that i didn't saw in other routes...I it was Avi,Eve,something like that...and when I opened side character page to check about the guy that error happened. 

Sorry for not having more information...I was thinking just that was enough haha. Now I'll try at least to print the scene prior to it and send more informations...

Hello. I discovered the game by chance at youtuber wolftooth and man,what a game! Loved the story.

 Very captivating. Such content!!

 I liked the arts too,tough I do think the Main Character art was a bit too affeminated in some scenes for my tastes,but that pays off with the story and arts of the other characters and backgrounds,that are so full of details. 

I've particularly liked Teo and Percy arts. More so for Percy, which I do think is very charming. It is like the art is alive and do really posses the personality of the character it is made to be. What an artist!!! Not everyone can put so much heart and emotions in their art and I do admire the artist who made it.

I saw in the game end some glimpse of the possibility of a DLC coming out. Do you really plan on making more content for this game? Like,what are your plans...? Another game will came first,maybe?

Oh,something of great importance for my person: do you plan on making a mobile version of the game?

Thanks for the lovely and profound experience and congratulations to all of you for making such wonderful game. β˜ΊπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»<3

Oooh that explains. Yeah,it translated very strange hahaha