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Why do I love this so much?

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you like it :)

Thanks :D

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Is there supposed to be music? There is no audio when I run it.

Thanks! :D

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it  :D

Thanks for playing! :)

OOF :(

It can get pretty unfair sometimes and there is no score mechanic, but I don't think I'll ever come back to this and fix it. Thanks for playing, though. I'm glad you liked it despite the bugs :D

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! :)

The game is unfairly hard, and it doesn't end. I forgot to add some kind of score mechanic. I didn't have much time to work on making the enemies less hard or making the shield mechanic more practical. It still has a lot of bugs, and apparently the shield doesn't work for some people, so I'm glad it worked and that you liked it. Thanks for playing! :D

Music is amazing, graphics are amazing, gameplay is amazing, this whole game is amazing. I love it! :D 

Really nice concept and low-poly graphics. The audio is also really good. I love the idea and the game. Great Job! :D

Graphics are great, and the music in the title and restart screens is also really nice. I might just be bad at it, but I couldn't make it to the boss (The most I got to was round 2), but it was still really fun.  :D

Some (potentially useful) advice: The controls were pretty delayed, which makes me think you may have used addForce() or something. I'd look into using Rigidbody2D.movePosition(), because it doesn't change the object's velocity, allowing it to stop as soon as the controls are released, rather than needing to slow down. It's like translate, but it maintains physics. If you didn't use addForce, ignore what I said, and maybe look into finding, and potentially fixing up anything in your code making it delayed (for the next time you do this type of player motion in a 2d game).

This isn't to say that the whole game is bad just because the player movement feels a bit slippery. That would be stupid. Its really nicely made, but I figured I point out something that might help you with future games you make, and something that could be a mistake I made many times. Overall, it's really good and I enjoyed it. Good work! : )

I really enjoyed it, I loved the sacrifice/bleed mechanic. It fit the theme very well. It was fun and engaging, and I like the audio, it really added to the feel of the game. Nicely done! :D

One (small, not too important) problem, maybe try not to use ctrl as an input for webGL, it activated a bunch of shortcuts when it was used with other controls, like bookmarking and closing the tab. The sounds were funny and it was fun to play. Overall, it was really good and I enjoyed it :D

Sorry about that :(   I was missing a file in the zip folder, I just re-built and uploaded it so it should work now.

Thanks for the feedback! :) You only really need 2 or 3 moves in the C, it looks like a lot, but you just face up, then left. The levels dont really go in order of difficulty, and they only go up to N. Most levels really need only a few moves at parts that seem really difficult. I also didnt have a playtester, other than myself, while making this, so that might be why.

Thanks! :)

there is so much more to this game than i anticipated. I'm so confused, and lost.

Thanks! I hope you enjoyed it.